Sunday, November 15, 2009

Melt It Off Program with Olympic Gold Medalist Mitch Gaylord

We recently received Mitch's Melt It Off Program with Olympian Gold Medalist Mitch Gaylord to review! It arrived at just the right time as I was searching for a new exercise program. Having never used a G-Ball I was eager to give this program a try.

Mitch Gaylord holds Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic medals, and he is a member of the Olympic Hall of Fame - Mitch was the first ever American gymnast to attain the unbelievable perfect score: 10! Mitch has enlisted all the knowledge and experience gained throughout his career to form the Melt It Off fitness and all-encompassing health system.

Mitch Gaylord's Melt It Off! Workout is a comprehensive exercise program to help us meet and obtain a healthier and more energetic lifestyle. Mitch's Melt It Off program is a three step program that includes a program guide to help you maintain your planned course of success to getting fit, a three day Kick Start meal plan that is tailored to meet your dietary needs providing you a list of foods and nutrients you need and the Melt It Off! Exercise DVD including a two pound medicine ball which has four intense fat burning workouts to help build strength, endurance, tone and sculpt muscle, burn calories and get you on your way to a better body.

The secret of Mitch's exercise program is leveraged core action, using Mitch’s calorie melting weapon, the G-Ball. Each of Mitch’s innovative exercises engages the core and radiates outward targeting every major muscle in your body to sculpt abs, create strong lean arms, and lift and firm your buns and legs.

The 3 Day Meal Plan and Fitness Schedule will start you losing pounds, inches and size. I received an easy to follow, step by step plan for my first three days, that included the exercise routines that I needed to do each day as well as a day by day calorie slimming, meal plan. It was a clear and easy to follow plan that even included a shopping list!
This program consists of three main programs:
Cardio Burn & Sculpt Workout is designed to tone, tighten, and build lean muscle mass. The Sizzlin' Abs™ Workout is designed to help you sculpt your upper and lower abs and side obliques. The High Calorie Melt™ Workout ignites your metabolism, so you'll keep burning calories even after you're done! I love that I don't have to do the same exercises day after day!

I love the variety that this program offers. I was thankful I had it today because I didn't have time to do a complete one hour workout so instead of skipping exercising all together, I did the 10 minute workout! In ten minutes I was sweating so I feel like I had a great workout! Melt in 10 is a quick and effective TOTAL body workout!
We highly recommend that you check out this great new fitness program!


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I was skeptical about ordering this product after reading about other experiences where people were hit with extra charges for supplements or their package took forever to arrive.

I live in Canada and called the Melt It Off 1-800 Customer Service number that is on their site and was able to place my order with an extremely helpful real life human being for the DVD set only.

Imagine my surprise when I received my Canada Post tracking # 24 hours later and my package arrived within 5 business days (and I live live in Canada)!

Did my first workout today and it's fantastic and I look forward to using this DVD set for a long time to come.

You got a gold medal in my book Mitch! Fantastic customer service and prompt delivery.

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