Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The holidays can get sticky – Christmas tree sap, craft projects, packaging tape, candy canes, and parents favorite gifts of temporary tattoos and stickers. Instead of harsh scrubs and industrial chemicals the next time your family gets into something grimy, try REMOVEEZ®, a new natural liquid skin cleanser made from a blend of citrus oils with homeopathic elements of plant and flower extracts that soothe and moisturizes the skin as it cleanses.

One of my least favorite things to do is remove a band aid that has been stuck on my skin. My little ones are especially sensitive to things on their skin, so we were extremely excited when we were offer a sample of REMOVEEZ.

REMOVEEZ is a perfect solution to quickly and gently deal with the hard-to-remove holiday stuff that gets on your family’s skin. Whether removing sticky and inky compounds like permanent inks, paints and Band-Aids®, or outdoor grime such as sap, tar, grease and much more, REMOVEEZ is the go-to family friendly solution designed with the human skin in mind.

We recently received a sample kit from REMOVEEZ to test out. Our kit included a Sharpie marker, band aids, a black oily substance, and two bottle of REMOVEEZ so we could see for ourselves just how effective REMOVEEZ cleaner is on our skin.

The kids were super excited when I told them I was going to draw on their arms with a marker!! After drawing, I then sent them both to the bathroom to see who could get the marker off the quickest! Each of them had a different type of soap in their bathroom but neither of them were able to get the marker off. I then put a couple of drops of REMOVEEZ on their arms and we were all totally amazed at how quickly the marker simply wiped off with just a paper towel!
We then put the band aids to the REMOVEEZ test. We put a couple of drops on one end of the band aid and then started lifting the edge and rubbing a little. Very quickly and painlessly, the end of the band aid came right off without pulling any arm hair or skin at all.
REMOVEEZ citrus oils are natural cleaning elements that cut through the stickiness and dirt that kids bring home. Aloe, calendula, and bee pollen naturally soothe the skin and keep it soft. REMOVEEZ is applied directly to the area to be cleaned, and gently massaged into the skin until the unwanted substance has dissolved. Excess product may be wiped away with a tissue or cotton pad, or left on to moisturize the skin.

This awesome product definitely works! I was also really surprised that the smell was pleasant. We received a bottle of the Eucalyptus/Orange and the Coconut/Orange to review. We highly recommend that you order some REMOVEEZ today! It is currently offered in 1.75-ounce bottles online through Amazon.com and at select boutiques including Studio Beauty Mix at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Calif. For more information and availability visit http://www.removeez.com/.

REMOVEEZ is a great stocking stuffer for the parent on the go!
Thanks to BrandSoul Communications and REMOVEEZ for providing us with the products for review!


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