Monday, December 7, 2009

Sites That Make Holiday Shopping Easier

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the Toy Industry Association has launched two helpful web sites, and! is a parent resource for facts and information about toys and play! On this great site you will find tips you need to choose the right toys for your family. This is truly a great, resourceful site that would be a great asset for anyone that purchases toys. I found the toy safety facts and the recall information to be very beneficial. It also include a discussion board so you are able to connect with other parents and caregivers! was established in 2000 as the "Oscars" of the North American toy industry, the annual Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards bring colleagues together to salute the "best of the best" and celebrate the success, creativity and playful spirit of toys and play.

Awards are presented in the following Categories:
•Infant Toy of the Year
Toys developed for infant children ages 0-2*
•Preschool Toy of the Year
Toys developed for preschool-aged children ages 3-5*
•Innovative Toy of the Year
Toys that combine innovation and play value
•Girl Toy of the Year
Toys developed for girls of any age
•Boy Toy of the Year
Toys developed for boys of any age
•Game of the Year
Children's board, card, CD-ROM or electronic game formats. (Note: all electronic games must have an ESRB "early childhood" rating)
•Outdoor Toy of the Year
Toys designed for outdoor play
•Educational Toy of the Year
Toys that help children to develop special skills and knowledge through play
•Activity Toy of the Year
Toys that inspire creative play through various forms of activity
•Electronic Entertainment Toy of the Year
Toys created for children of any age that have a considerable electronic component involved (including "plug ‘n play" and interactive videos)
•Specialty Toy of the Year
Toys primarily distributed through specialty retailers
•Property of the Year
Property that had the greatest success spreading its brand throughout the industry

For the first time, kids and parents will be able to indicate their favorite toy picks and register to win their choices of one or more of the 11 prize package!!!

Thanks so much to Team Mom for letting us know about these great sites!!


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