Friday, December 11, 2009

The Snowman's Song {Book Review}

We love books at our house, so we were thrilled when we were give the opportunity to review The Snowman's Song. Brought to us by Leaping Antelope Productions and by Marilee Joy Mayfield and Tracy La Rue Hohn, The Snowman’s Song is a Christmas Story that we can all relate to.

The Snowman's Song is an enchanting tale of longing and fulfillment. A little snowman yearns to sing Christmas carols, but is desolate because he hasn't a voice. From the kindness of others, he dares to believe in the impossible and experiences a Christmas miracle. Beautifully told in melodic verse, this inspirational story shows that impossible dreams do come true and reminds us of the true reason for the season.

Our little ones just loved this heartwarming story, we have read (and listened to) it several times! They also loved that it was a multimedia experience with the bonus CD that was included. The CD contains a reading of the entire story by the author, in a voice that is able to transport you to the snowman' s winter wonderland. This is a well written story that is beautifully illustrated that we recommend to everyone. It's truly a great holiday book that every household should own!

This year for every book purchased at, a copy of the book will be given to an underpriviledged child.


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what an awesome gift idea knowing that for every book someone else gets a gift as well will be checking this out soon

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