Friday, January 29, 2010


The ultimate gift accessory has just arrived at a computer near you! Horizon Worldwide Corporation has just launched a brand new gifting product line. Picture Gift Bags is a first-of-its-kind product with your favorite photo printed directly onto the bag. And best of all, Horizon is giving away free samples for everyone to try!

The Picture Gift Bags program features hundreds of templates with over 5,000 possible design combinations and an infinite number of possibilities when you create your own product from scratch. There is a design available for almost every occasion and theme including all major sports, weddings, anniversary, baby, birthday, congratulations, holiday, party themes, pets, create-your-own and many more. The bags are available in four convenient sizes consisting of small, medium, large and wine, which are sure to accommodate your gifting needs. Picture Gift Bags is the ideal accessory to your next gift because Every Gift Needs a Bag!

As the country becomes more environmentally conscious, gift bag purchases have been consistently increasing due to the fact that they can be reused for a variety of purposes.

We received the adorable bag pictured below to review! Ella is having an American Girl Doll Birthday Party and this bag will be just perfect for her party! These bags are really great quality bags. They are made from a very durable material and the colors are very bright and vibrant! Just perfect to make someone feel extra special on their special day!

We highly suggest that you check these fun bags out today!!

You can receive a free sample gift bag by visiting Use coupon code FREE11PGM. All you have to do is enter the code at the checkout and you will receive a Free Med. Picture gift bag (excluding shipping).

Thanks so much to Horizon Worldwide for providing this adorable bag to review!


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