Monday, April 26, 2010

THE HORSE BOY, about one family's experience with autism

On Tuesday, May 11, the PBS series INDEPENDENT LENS presents THE HORSE BOY, Michel Orion Scott's remarkable new documentary about Rupert Isaacson and Kristina Neff's unorthodox journey with their autistic son and the miracle they find through horses -- first on their Texas farm and then in the outer reaches of Mongolia. You can see more at

The Horse Boy does more than chronicle Rowan and his parents' journey across the vast, wild landscape of Mongolia. It delves into the world of autism itself, the relationship between humans and animals and between different cultures and different ways of being, and the nature of healing. Audiences hear the varied theories on autism from the experts in the field, well-known researchers of autism such as Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge University; Dr. Temple Grandin, recovered autist and professor of animal behavior at Colorado State University; and anthropologist and researcher Roy Richard Grinker of George Washington University. But above all, The Horse Boy tells the story of a couple that goes to the end of the earth to find a way into their son's life.

The special bond between father and son is one of the greatest gifts life can offer and The Horse Boy tells this story beautifully. Our family enjoyed watching this touching movie and we encourage to tune in for this great story!


Mari said...

I can't wait to see this. I saw an article on this family in People Magazine and it was fascinating how "horse therapy" improved the boys condition. TY for posting this.

Kari said...

Thanks for posting this! I reviewed this book last year but didn't know the documentary would be airing - I won't want to miss it.

Asha P said...

THE HORSE BOY, both the documentary and the book, are extremely inspirational – seeing the world through autism and how significantly interaction with horses has improved Rowan’s fits is something short of miraculous. If you liked the film, it is now out on DVD from Zeitgeist Films. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, consider saving it to your Netflix or Blockbuster queue!

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