Sunday, April 25, 2010

Princess Katie and Racer Steve ~ Tiny Cool

Straight from “The Kingdom” -- where a feisty princess who’s inclined to rock out joins a local racer driver who creates blazing guitar solos when he’s not blazing around the track -- Princess Katie & Racer Steve bring their one-of-a-kind combination of drop-dead great singing, sterling musicianship, and sparkling, kid-oriented comedy to their third studio CD, Tiny Cool.

Princess Katie (Katie O’Sullivan) is a strong, self-possessed, modern princess, who wears her gown and tiara as a work outfit, but kicks back in her jeans when work is done. Steve Borne’s real life hobby is race cars, and he’s performed in bands for many years, so the guitar-playing “Racer Steve” is a natural for him.

We have totally enjoyed Tiny Cool at our house! We love how it uses hip lyrics and cool music to teach life lessons! This CD brings home messages about honesty, individuality, acceptance, kindness! I love this CD as much as my little ones do, it's not your typical children's CD! We encourage you to find out more about Princess Katie and Racer Steve at
Thanks so much to PKRS for providing us with this CD to review!


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