Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Need Baby Shower Help?

We are excited to let you know that has just been updated to include everything you’ll need to pull off a great baby shower. It includes everything from baby shower invitations, to baby shower games, to popular baby shower gifts and more.

As you know if you’ve ever hosted a baby shower, the first thing you need to consider is baby shower themes. has complete details on how to host a baby shower with a variety of themes, including a family-tree theme, an Asian-inspired good fortune theme, a literary book theme or a simple musical theme. There’s also lots of ideas for fun baby shower games, including the ever-popular baby shower BINGO.

ALSO, just a quick reminder:

If you still haven’t submitted photos for the Parents Magazine Cover Contest, Parents magazine editor-in-chief, is offering these photography tips:

1. Make sure the child’s personality shines through during a happy, energetic moment.

2. Background is important so be sure it’s not too busy, but rather simple and natural – outdoors is good!

3. Don’t put too many clothes on your cute kid; avoid hats and peek-a-boo blankets.

4. Don’t make the mistake of getting a really extreme close-up of your child; include some background to make the photo interesting.

5. Take a lot of photos, which will give you tons to choose from when uploading to the contest.


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