Wednesday, June 23, 2010

K-Y Brand Kissable Sensations

We were excited to learn of the exciting addition to K-Y® Brand’s unique line of intimacy enhancement products. Specifically designed to increase intimate anticipation and ultimate satisfaction through the power of sensual kiss, the new K-Y® YOURS+MINE® Kissable Sensations™ for the Body rounds out K-Y® Brand’s innovative product line for couples.
With the distinct and delicious experience of decadent chocolate and refreshing strawberry, Kissable Sensations™ encourages couples to explore each other and discover pleasurable foreplay like never before imagined. Kissable Sensations™ is intended to be used all over the body, wherever you like to kiss or be kissed; making it the perfect foreplay tool for increased pleasure to help couples explore or revitalize their intimate connection.

With the introduction of K-Y® YOURS+MINE® Kissable Sensations™, K-Y Brand® continues to bring innovation into America’s bedrooms by helping couples achieve a heightened level of foreplay, a critical element to intimate health, which itself can lead to better relationships and overall well-being.

This great new product is so fun and easy to use! During foreplay, you simply apply a few drops wherever you like to kiss or be kissed! He should apply Yours which is red to her. She should apply Mine which is brown to him. And the fun comes when you combine them for a new, delicious experience together. It definitely is an enjoyable head to toe experience that certainly does increase anticipation and desire for intimacy! We enjoyed this fun new product and highly recommend that you give it a try as well!

Thanks so much to K-Y Brand for providing us with this product for review!


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