Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just Because You Are Pregnant…Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Workout!

I am excited to be able to bring you a new weekly series of articles by motherhood lifestyle experts and creators of Moody Mamas & Fierce Mamas by Christian Siriano! The series is entitled “Just Because You’re Pregnant…”. Each week, they will offer an article to help clear the wives tales and fallacies that are incorporated with being pregnant.

We’re the first to admit it-getting pumped up for a workout can be challenging at times. With so many excuses (the heat, an ice cream truck pulled up, the best show ever is on) it is easy to avoid the gym. However, for all of these excuses, there are more reasons why you need to get off the couch and into a workout routine when you are pregnant. For starters, with a baby on board you owe it to yourself and the baby to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, you will need the endurance when the baby comes! Relax, we’re not suggesting that you sign up for a triathlon anytime soon, but we are saying that a little exercise will go along way for you and the little one.

•Namaste. Wonder how Gwyneth Paltrow keeps her arms so perfectly sculpted? Do the words downward dog and child’s pose mean anything to you? If not, it’s time to brush up on your skills and hop on the yoga train. Yoga is an excellent way to increase flexibility and muscle tone while working on breathing techniques for your upcoming due date. Many yoga studios offer specific prenatal classes, which strengthens the body for child bearing and helps to relieve some of those aches and pains. So go ahead and try one!

•Dive in! Swimming is perfect for those who want to “chill out” while exercising. A weightless workout, the constant movement of your arms and legs will allow you to build muscle strength while keeping you cool. A great pre and post partum activity-swimming is also ideal for when the baby arrives because you can do it together. Check your local community center or Y.M.C.A for special “Mommy and Me” swim classes. Bonding and exercise=Double the fun!

•Get Physical! While your clubbing days may be over, dancing can still be a part of your workout routine. A fun and high energy activity, dancing is a great cardio workout, plus it’s not mundane like hitting the treadmill. Classes like ballet, Zumba, and our personal fave, Yoga Booty Ballet, are all great ways to get your groove on. Take it easy, and go at your own pace. Who knows, the baby might even start moving!

When exercising, always remember to check with your doctor first, stay hydrated, and don’t push it-well, at least until your in labor! Trust us, working out will feel great when you and your “Angela Basset” arms are in one of in one of our hot new tee’s available at Available in a variety of colors and embellishments- they’re sure to be the perfect accessory to a sexy, sculpted bod. Now, grab your leg warmers and cross trainers, and head out the door!

Written by: Elise Rosemarin & Marta Abrams co-founders of Moody Mamas Inc.

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