Friday, July 23, 2010

My Money Power

Whether you struggle with investing decisions or run a tight financial ship, we want to offer you a solution to feel smart about handling money by introducing you to MyMoneyPower™ .

MyMoneyPower™ is the FREE financial fitness program that helps you assess your current financial situation holistically, so you can create balance and financial security. Learn how to increase discretionary income and reduce debt to make the most out of your financial resources. Make your income go further, through real-life challenges. MyMoneyPower provides guidance for:

•People who want help sorting out information and options for how to manage their money
•Dual-income households faced with tough decisions on how to make ends meet
•Single individuals looking to create a secure future
•Parents concerned about their children’s education and future security
•Families looking to make smart money choices during challenging times

With MyMoneyPower you’ll look at how financial choices work together, and learn how to maximize your finances on multiple levels – through insurance and benefits options, reduced energy costs and increased savings. This free program shows you how to increase your MoneyPower by quantifying and expanding the gap between your income and expenses. By decreasing expenses and/or increasing income, you can boost your positive income flow — the amount of money available each month to accomplish your financial goals.

We were given an opportunity to feel smart about handling money by hosting a MyMoneyPower™ Party. A MyMoneyPower™ Party was a great excuse to get together and learn some fresh ideas about improving our finances. My friends were very interested in learning how to improve their financial future. They were also eager to learn how to get on track for long-term success! I suggest that you check out this great site. I am confident that you'll find this website to be a rewarding experience.

Thanks so much to MomSelect for sharing this great site with us!


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