Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just because you’re pregnant…doesn’t mean you can’t dress like a celebrity!

I am excited to be able to bring you a new weekly series of articles by motherhood lifestyle experts and creators of Moody Mamas & Fierce Mamas by Christian Siriano! The series is entitled “Just Because You’re Pregnant…”. Each week, they will offer an article to help clear the wives tales and fallacies that are incorporated with being pregnant.

Something must be in the Fiji water going around Hollywood because it seems like every celeb is getting preggers. Almost every other week a fabulous celebrity is debuting their bump at an awards show or premiere. Ah, to live a celebrity lifestyle! Dreams of having a personal trainer or private dog walker are out of the question for most of us “regular” people, but we’re using our expertise to provide you with one celebrity perk: a personal stylist! We’ve got the tips and tricks on how to re-create your favorite pregnant celebs’ glamorous style without spending a fortune.

Christina Applegate
Our little Kelly Bundy is all grown up. Ms. Applegate recently let her pregnancy secret out of the bag at her premiere of “Cats and Dogs” in none other than a Fierce Mamas by Christian Siriano dress made exclusively for the actress. To recreate her look, consider the Cowl Neck dress from the Moody Mamas capsule collection at, on sale for only $27.98. Add a Leather Cross-Over Belt underneath your bust to show off the new curves in your silhouette. To amp up this already fabulous look, put on a pair of form fitting leggings and black peep-toe pumps; two items that are sure to already be in your closet. Layer a few trendy necklaces and bangles and voile! Don’t be startled when the paparazzi start following you.

Courtney Mazza
We like to refer to Courtney Mazza as the luckiest woman in Hollywood. Why? Because she’s dating Mario Lopez aka A.C. Slater for all you 90’s lovers! And she’s having his baby! Her natural “mama-to-be” glow is already gorgeous and doesn’t need much extra “glamming”, which is why she is the perfect style icon for a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. Coincidentally, our Fierce Mamas by Christian Siriano t-shirt line has a variety of tops that look just like the one pictured on Courtney. Try the Cowl Neck top with lacy flutter sleeves. Pair any of these tops with a skinny jean in a dark wash, our favorite is from the J Brand maternity jean line. These jeans are low in the front to fit just below your belly, but higher in the back so your friend’s don’t think you’ve started a part-time plumbing gig. For a finishing touch, add a simple necklace, chunky bangles and a nude pump for a casual red carpet look.

Danica McKellar
Yet another one of our favorite TV teens is all grown up and starting a family of her own: Winnie Cooper aka Danica McKellar. Mostly known for her childhood love affair with Fred Savage, she is also a successful mathematician and author. Just this week she gave moms across the country a good name as she promoted her latest release “Hot X: Algebra Exposed” at Borders in The Big Apple. Get her entire look for about $75.00 without even leaving the house. To do this start with this classic summer staple: Moody Mamas Chiffon Trim Knit Dress from the collection. Pair the dress with our comfortable (music to your ears right?) modal leggings and finish the look with an embellished flat from Target for a little extra sparkle. These recession-proof prices prove that you don’t have to be a child heart-throb/genius to dress like one! Lastly, be sure to check out Danica in the September issue of Pregnancy magazine wearing a red Fierce Mamas by Christian Siriano top!

So your dreams of hitting Hollywood may be put on hold (at least until the baby is born), but by channeling these pregnant divas sensational style in your everyday wardrobe, you are that much closer to landing a dream date with George Clooney.

Written by: Elise Rosemarin & Marta Abrams co-founders of Moody Mamas Inc.

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MarkyDsMom said...

i was at a bday party this weekend and topic of dicussion was the shirt i was wearing (7months pregnant) all the woman there were just ooo awwing over my baby bump and making comments like when i was pregnant we didnt have anything like that to wear everything was big and oversized to hide it. well ladies... TIMES, THEY ARE A CHANGING!! ;o)

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