Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Febreze Set & Refresh

I love walking into a fresh smelling house! In the past we have used air fresheners that required an electrical outlet to operate to keep our house smelling great. I was never thrilled with the big bulky air freshener hanging from the outlet but since they made our house smell good I used them. We were recently introduced to the new Fabreze Set & Refresh and I was excited to give them a try!
Febreze has partnered America's favorite budget-savvy hostess Sandra Lee to introduce the latest air freshening innovation! The new Febreze Set & Refresh slowly releases scented oils to provide odor elimination and noticeably long-lasting freshness without the use of plugs or batteries.

Summer is just heating up and Sandra Lee has participated in a series of videos to share her summer entertaining tips and recipes. Find out how Sandra keeps her home fresh for summer guests by checking out the videos on the Fabreze Facebook fan page!

We love the new Fabreze Set & Refresh at our house! I love that I now have an air freshener that doesn't require the use of an electrical outlet to make our house smell great! I can place them in every room now and don't have to worry about little ones pulling them out of plugs! We will definitely continue using these at our house and we suggest that you give them a try as well!

Thanks so much to Fabreze for providing us with the product to review!


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