Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Scientific Explorer" Blissful Body Mist Kit

When I opened this package and read the box of this product, I knew that Ella would absolutely LOVE this! With this Blissful Body Kit, Ella was able to design her very own body mists! But the really cool thing about this set is that she learned all about the science of smell while creating her own favorite scent!

These scents are perfect for Ella. They add a splash of fragrance to her skin without the strong smells that perfumes leave! I love that Ella now has a body mist that is safe for her! These body mist provide her skin with much-needed moisture and keeps her skin refreshed!

For only 9.99 this is sure to be a hit this Christmas Season with little girls! Scientific Explorer offers a number of fabulous Spa Kits that pamper kids while they learn all about chemistry, physiology and physics! Scientific Explorer Kits include: Heavenly Hair Kit, Bath Fizzer Kit, Blissful Body Mist Kit, Lovely Lip Balm Kit, and the Shimmer Soap Kit!
I am sure lots of these fun kits will be on Ella's list for Santa this year :) We highly suggest that you check them out as well!!!
Thanks so much to Team Mom and Scientific Explorer for providing us with this product to review!


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