Sunday, October 24, 2010

{Halloween 2010} Savers

Thanks to Savers we received the spooky DIY home décor craft project seen above! Savers is an international thrift store chain with locations all over the U.S., Canada and Australia that offers the largest selection of new and used Halloween costumes, accessories and home décor of any other retailer. Savers also offers Costume Consultants, specially trained staff in every store, dedicated to helping shoppers create one-of-a-kind costumes!

To get you in the witching spirit, international secondhand store chain Savers has just released the “Savers Halloween Shopping Survey,” a national study of 1,000 adults that explores consumer shopping habits and the hottest trends for this Halloween season.
Below is a sampling of key findings:

· Mixing It Up: More than four in ten (42 percent) of those who dress up in a costume like to combine both brand new and secondhand pieces to create their Halloween look.
· Slashing Budgets, Not Style: Since the start of the recession, consumers have found ways to cut back their spending in many areas. Close to two-thirds of those surveyed (68 percent) want to buy multiple items without breaking the bank or overspending on one item (67 percent).
· Spending How Much? About one-third (34 percent) of costume-wearers generally spend under $25 on their Halloween costume. An additional 32 percent spend between $25 and $50.

“We know from our survey that most people like to find everything they need in a single store, but on average, consumers who dress up for Halloween end up visiting three stores to find all the necessary items for their costume,” said Ken Alterman, President and CEO of Savers, Inc. “By offering the widest selection of new and gently used Halloween merchandise under one roof, we’re helping shoppers save time and money by allowing them to make a majority of their purchasing decisions at once.”

More findings from the Savers Halloween Shopping Survey include:
· Pop Culture Makes For Great Costumes: The cast of HBO’s “True Blood” was named the best group costume inspired by television (25 percent), followed by the castaways from “LOST” (14 percent) and Michael Scott and crew from “The Office” (14 percent). “Alice in Wonderland” (24 percent) was picked as the best group costume inspiration from the big screens this year, with “Avatar” (17 percent) and “Toy Story 3” (16 percent) coming in second and third respectively. · What Your Costume Says about You: More than a quarter of respondents (26 percent) believe a person’s level of creativity can be judged based on the kind of costume they’re wearing, while 17 percent think the outfit is the key to understanding someone’s personality.
· Why Do You Dress Up? When asked about their main motivation for dressing up, close to half of costume-wearers (45 percent) said they dress up in order to express their individual creativity and style. One in five (20 percent) said they are motivated to dress up because they want to look sexy, and 16 percent said they want to win a costume contest or prize.
· Dusting Off Costume Cobwebs: An overwhelming majority (91 percent) of costume-wearers would even consider wearing the same Halloween costume, or at least parts of it, from previous years, in order to save money (61 percent) or time (39 percent).

Thanks so much to Savers for sharing this great information!


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