Saturday, October 30, 2010

ZarBees Children's Cough Medicine

After being out in the cool air this past weekend for Halloween Party on Saturday and then Trick-or-Treating on Sunday, Ella woke up with a cough! We recently received some ZarBees Children's Cough Medicine to review so I decided to give it a try!

As a parent, I have often wondered “What products are actually safe for my children when they are sick?” ZarBees Children's Cough Medicine is a safe and effective alternative pediatricians, pharmacists, and parents across the country are turning to this year as the cold weather approaches. ZarBee’s Children's Cough Syrup is the world’s first and only all natural cough suppressant that is safe and effective for children as young as 12 months old. It is made with a unique blend of dark honey, vitamins and other all natural ingredients and contains no harmful drugs (like DM) or alcohol. It is high in antioxidants and each dose of ZarBee's Children's Cough Syrup contains your child’s daily Vitamin C requirement.

As a pediatrician, Dr. Zak Zarbock found it frustrating when he was unable to offer any help for his young patients with a cough being that DM based cough syrups are not safe for children under the age of four; in fact all DM based products should not be administered to any child younger than 12 due to its ability to cause further health complications including dizziness, breathing problems, high blood pressure, and in some cases even death, not to mention its abuse potential among adolescents. So he set out to find a better children's cough syrup than the traditional over the counter drugs for his patients, he researched and studied several different options. Published in 2007 in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, a double-blind study conducted at Penn State University concluded that honey, when compared to a DM based syrup and a placebo syrup, is significantly superior in suppressing coughs when administered to children ages 1-18 years old. Because honey is a natural product, it is safe and drug-free yet extremely effective at soothing sore throats. With added vitamin C and other unique all-natural ingredients, honey becomes an effective remedy to sooth throats and calm coughs. Cough medicine as we know it will never be the same thanks to ZarBee's Children's Cough Syrup. There is now a cough remedy that pediatricians and pharmacists alike can actually feel good about recommending.

I was thrilled with the results of Zarbees. Ella doesn't enjoy taking medicine so it's never a good experience when she needs to take it. Since ZarBee's is a natural product, it doesn't taste like the cough medicine you are familiar with. After I finally convinced her that it didn't taste like others she has had in the past she actually enjoyed the flavor! I also appreciate that it suppressed her cough!
This medicine is ideal for coughs caused by minor throat irritation, night coughing, dry or scratchy throats, and hoarseness. ZarBee’s Children’s Cough Syrup is a must have in every parent's medicine cabinet. You can purchase ZarBee’s Children’s Cough Syrup online at or at select retail locations including Walgreens nationwide. We highly suggest that you give it a try!

Thanks so much to Zarbees for providing us with this product for review!


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Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( may be another choice. i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious scratchy throat.

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