Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Buzz Away Extreme

We were recently introduced to a great new product! Buzz Away Extreme is an amazing all-natural insect repellent made from natural plant oils and soy bean oil. Since its introduction, Buzz Away has become the leading repellent in natural product stores and the second most purchased natural brand in America. The reason is simple; it’s an extremely effective alternative to DEET based chemical repellents. It repels mosquitoes for 4 hours or more, ticks for 2.5 hours. It won’t harm the body or the environment. It doesn’t melt plastic or fishing line like some DEET repellents. It’s great for families and especially for kids whose sensitive skin and low body weight makes DEET absorption more risky.

I love that the Buzz Away products come in both a spray and towelettes. I love the towelettes for Ella because I don't have to worry about spraying it in her eyes because she is moving around. The wipes are also easier to carry than a bottle. I love that I can just slip a few in my pocket! We have tried several of the products from this line and each have proved to be extremely effective in keeping the insects away!
We strongly agree with the slogan of this great company ~ "Natural Products That Make a Difference." We highly suggest that you give these great products a try!

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