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{HOLIDAY LOVE LIST 2010} Your Holiday Shopping Guide

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Here it is, our Holiday Love List for 2010! We have included some of the great products that we were given the opportunity to review this past year! We are still accepting products and have SEVERAL more that will be added!! Please email me at to have your products included :)

Holiday Love List 2010


Ella loves this new interactive website and storybook series! The Real Too Fairies was created for young girls! Like it was yesterday, I’m sure you remember the excitement of losing a tooth and the anticipation of placing it under the pillow as you slept, anxious to awake to a magical surprise. But the story of the tooth fairy has never truly been told… until now! The Real Tooth Fairies is a place where love is magic, and every kindness counts!

The books are amazing! The book series allows girls to get to know The Real Tooth Fairies and the rich, magical world in which they live. Each book sends a positive message telling girls to believe in themselves and make the kind choice.

Your child can explore The Real Tooth Fairies Website! Girls will not only be able to create their own personal avatar, but she’ll be granted the opportunity to meet her Real Tooth Fairy and explore the expansive magical world of Real Fairyland! By taking the Royal Quiz, your girl will be matched to her own fairy based on her interests, allowing her to connect on a more intimate level with the actual face and name behind her tooth fairy. There are so many fun activities that she and her tooth fairy will be able to do together – from touring Real Fairyland, decorating her very own hotel suite in the Royal High Towers or even singing and dancing to magic music videos by the Real Tooth Fairies!

Every Kindness Counts Program! Whether its setting the dinner table or being nice to her sibling, this program encourages your daughter to become a hero for kindness because every kindness she does helps make the Earths Glow Score go up by 1. She can get kindness kits (with ribbons and charms) and go online to track and record how many kindnesses she’s done and what level she is at. Girls will glow with each Kindness Ticket they earn and inspire those around her to do the same

We have a GIVEAWAY ($75 Value) coming soon from The Real Tooth Fairies!

WOW, these books are super cool! Hallmark’s Recordable Storybooks are a unique gift — the first of their kind. They feature voice capture technology that records the reader’s voice directly into the pages of the Recordable Storybook. When the page is turned, the Storybook automatically plays the text on that page in the reader’s voice. These would make great gifts for families that live out-of-town, parents in the military, parents who travel on business or anyone who wants to read to a child in their life, but can’t be physically present,! And because the recording lasts for the life of the Storybook, even if the battery is removed, the voice of a loved one will be captured for a lifetime. GJ and I took turning reading the pages for Ella's book and we can't wait until she opens it up on Christmas!

For the upcoming holiday season, Hallmark will have three titles available: “The Night Before Christmas,” “The Very First Christmas” (a retelling of the Nativity story) and “Frosty the Snowman.” More information is available at

JUMBiES are Jumbled Babies! They are a result of the storks crashing into each other and jumbling up all the baby animals! So a Duck and a Monkey becomes a Duckey!...and a Dingo and a Bat becomes a Dingbat! Each JUMBiE comes with its own mini comic book and POG. JUMBiES also have their own D.O.J (Date of Jumble) and motto. These cute whimsical animals really ignite the imagination of children and adults alike!

Check out our GIVEAWAY to win some JUMBies of your own!

These plush, sports-themed dolls are designed as a fun and educational way to promote self-appreciation and the benefits of daily exercise, healthy eating and sleeping habits, self-esteem and overall healthy life-skills for girls ages 3-12. The dolls are age appropriate and do not encourage an older or overly mature image. Since the launch of the dolls almost two years ago, they have received numerous awards including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2009 and Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Socially Responsible Products 2010 to name a few.

I just love how these dolls teach girls to be true to themselves and encourage them to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. These adorable dolls are the result of much research and hard work of a MOM!! The fabulous collection includes 11 different Go! Go! Sports Girls. My little Cheerleader received the Gymnastics doll and she is thrilled with it!

I am excited to share that a portion of the profits from the sale of the dolls is donated to Girls Inc. to help support their program services for girls. For further information, go to the Go! Go! Sports Girls website at Totally a must have for all of the little girls on your shopping list!

Recently, Baby Kiss & Coo launched its new series of DVDs designed specifically to soothe infants during baby's first year and beyond. Baby Kiss & CooTM was born to help occupy and amuse infants by using large graphic shapes and colorful patterns that capture their attention. Soothing classical music enhances the visual experience while providing a rich, calming, background.

I just love these video are able to capture a baby's attention without overwhelming their senses.
The large graphic shapes and colorful patterns capture their attention, leaving them wide-eyed and occupied. Soothing classical music enhances the experience while creating a peaceful and calming soundtrack for the engaging images. Babies really do love it!!

Nation Farofa Nation is a t-shirt and design company that was founded husband and wife Serge Castagna and Ana Testa Castagna two years ago. After witnessing poverty first hand when Serge visited Ana in her home town of Rio de Janeiro many years ago, they decided they wanted to contribute to the local community. Both had a background in advertising so t-shirt design was a natural progression.

As seen above, Ella recevied a shirt from this adorable children’s collection. It's a really cute shirt that she loves to wear! The Farofa Nation collection is available in men, women, and children sizes. So, if you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving then you really should check out this great site!

Christmas Ornaments Star in Holiday Children’s Tale

From the award-winning author of the best selling Christmas book, Celebrate Advent – 25 Legends, comes a children’s book for the fast approaching holiday season. The Last Ornament by Judith Vicary Swisher recounts the story of a family’s tree trimming, with the Christmas ornaments in starring roles.

A story to read with the whole family, The Last Ornament entrances children and adults alike and encourages families to begin a tradition of looking for their own ‘last ornament’ each year.

This is a fun book that you will want to share with your family year after year. Ella just loves that this story is told from the perspective of the ornaments. We suggest that you check out this enjoyable book.

For more information on the author, please visit:

World's Best Origami
World's Best Origami allows readers to revisit their paper-folding days and transform the simple airplanes of grade school into beautiful, three dimensional sculptures with a rich history. In World's Best Origami, Robinson shows readers how to transform a flat sheet of material into a three dimensional sculpture through folding without the use of cuts or glue.

I love how World's Best Origami provides the first-time folder with the basics and progresses towards more difficult models. It also includes a thorough refresher course for more experienced folders. This book teaches readers how to:

· Create the ideal environment to fold in
· Choose the ideal paper for each project
· Read an origami folding diagram
· Make the basic folds more complicated works are founded upon
· Create birds, animals, flowers, people, containers, and more from step-by-step instructions

The book also includes information on what to do after the basics have been mastered. How to establish a style, get creative, join an origami club, and inspire others are also covered within the chapters. It is the most comprehensive origami book on the market with more than 100 pieces. I shared this book with my 5th grade class and they loved it! Needless to say, I had a desk full of Origami by the end of the day!

Sukey Molloy and PlayMove&Sing Inc. just released a sequel to Sukey’s Circle! Volume 1 DVD, winner of the 2009 NAPPA Award, and the 2010 Mom’s Choice Award Gold, Sukey’s Circle! Volume 2 DVD. NAPPA gave special recognition to Sukey's Circle! Vol 2 DVD by calling it a "Rising Star"! The new series promises to be a wonderful addition for families with young children!

Sukey’s Circle! Volume 2 features Sunny and Tick Tock, “two very important co-stars...who my little one LOVED” said Robin DeMelo, a Mommy-Blogger from Massachusetts. Volume 2 also features Swinging Like a Monkey, Twinkle Little Star, Pat the Ball, and Where Does the River Go, highlighted by lyrical animation themes and live action!

Sukey's Circle is a very fun DVD! I love the original music and simple images used to encourage children to learn and play! More information on Sukey Molloy, PlayMove&Sing, Inc, and Sukey’s Circle! can be found at

The Mother Company is a company of mothers who are on a mission to create a new type of entertainment. The content is for 3-6 year-old children and the focus is on social and emotional learning. “The Feelings Show,” the first DVD in the Ruby’s Studio series from The Mother Company aims to help preschool-aged children learn to recognize, express and move through their feelings. In the DVD, children join host Ruby on a fun, magical journey through art projects, animation, original songs and hilariously insightful interviews with real kids.

Working through feelings such a hard thing for little ones to and this DVD does a great job teaching how recognize and express their feeling!For the holidays only, The Mother Company is offering “The Feelings Show” and 100% handmade, natural, organic and recycled plush dolls Sid Snail and Lucy Ladybug for just $68.00!

Tales of service dogs performing daily acts of heroism aren’t unusual. These canine companions help the blind navigate their environments, they sniff out bombs and help wounded soldiers and they even assist doctors by detecting cancer and alert diabetics to rising or falling blood sugar levels.

In Santa Fe, N.M., assistance dogs are providing another equally important service – teaching local youth awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities. Assistance Dogs of the West (ADW) is a Santa-Fe-based non-profit with more than 30 dogs in training at any given time, 12 to 15 of which graduate each year to placement with human partners. These dogs open doors literally and figuratively for people with a variety of disabilities.

Unlike other service dog agencies, ADW recruits students from area elementary, middle and high schools, juvenile detention centers as well as developmentally and physically disabled students to train all of their service dogs. Working with ADW staff, the student dog trainers gain knowledge and leadership skills, build responsibility and compassionate awareness of people with different abilities, and make concrete contributions to their community.

I am so glad that my children have the opportunity to experience the life of an assistance dog through a series of children’s books inspired by the ADW program. Author Judith Newton, an ADW Advisory Council member, wrote three books based on Nito, a runt puppy chosen for the noble job of a service dog.

The first book in the series, Nito’s Tale teaches kids ages 2-6 how assistance dogs are trained and what they do. In book two, Nito Meets Chloe, Nito is matched with a little girl in a wheelchair and becomes an important part of Chloe’s family. Finally, in Nito and Chloe Get an Invitation they are invited to Washington, D.C. to visit the White House, meet the president, his family and their dog Bo and receive the Service Dog of the Year award. The series is illustrated by popular folk artist Sue Blackburn.

Learn more at


The new Evolve Silky Knot Headband and Silky Wrap Scarf are the perfect stocking stuffers for any fashion-forward female on your list!

The Evolve Silky line by Firstline is designed to provide a fashionable alternative to everyday hairstyling and comes in assorted prints including geometrics, wild life, polka dots, and metallics. The Evolve Silky line is affordable too! Items are available at Walmart and Target for less than $8! As you can see from my little model above we are enjoying these great wraps at our house! I like that they work in her hair as well as mine! With tons of designs you are sure to find the perfect wrap for all of the females on your shopping list!

Riiflex 2lb. Dumbbells for Wii
Product Features:
Adds 2lb. of resistance to your Wii workout
Allows full functionality of Wiimotes
Compatible with Wii Motion Plus and many aftermarket Wiimotes
Durable, gym-quality construction
Try it with Wii Fit Plus, EA Sports Active, Fitness Ultimatum, Golds Gym Cardio, Your Shape, My Fitness Coach, and more!

Product Description
The Riiflex 2lb dumbbells are ergonomic, gym-quality weights that securely fit your Wii controllers to provide calorie-burning resistance while you play! Molded of tough polycarbonate, with cast-iron weights and a durable soft-touch rubber overmold, these weights won't slip out of your hand and can withstand the rugged abuse of any household.

My little princess loves to help me cook and ever since these fun cookie cutters arrived we have been baking cookies! These cookie cutters are just adorable and so easy to use with the handle on the top! Each cookie cutter comes with a recipe attached so these would make a great gift for all of the bakers on your shopping list! We have made ghost, pumpkins, turkeys, and soon we will be making gingerbread men!! We love our Ann Clark cookie cutters!

Ann Clark Ltd. has been producing unique cookie cutters and related gift products in Vermont since 1990. They are one of the leading cookie cutter companies in the United States and enjoy a distribution across the country and world wide. We love all of the playful designs and functional products available from Ann Clark.

Pictures make good gifts but Photo Books make GREAT gifts! Thanks to we were given the opportunity to create a square photo book with using our own digital photos. It's so easy to make a photo book with LuLu. It's really fast and affordably with Lulu free online Studio tool. I just uploaded my photos and then selected a professionally designed theme to create a high quality custom color printed photo book! At LuLus you can order your own copies, or publish and sell your photo books.

These great books are professionally bound and printed on high quality photo paper. You can even import photos from Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket or SmugMug to create your photo book.
I was very impressed with the wide variety of designs and layouts availble at LuLus.
You can even autofill your photos for ease and speed! We love our Photo Book and suggest that you check LuLus out!

Did you ever think what you wear under your clothes can help you get fit? More and more women are turning to shapewear to look slimmer, but ShāToBu is the only shaper that not only promises to shape your body for a sleeker silhouette, but also tone your muscles and burn extra calories during everyday activities.

The secret to ShaToBu is the built-in seamless resistance bands that make muscles work a little harder during natural movement. This in turn tones your muscles and burns extra calories.

For all of those on your shopping list that are trying to lose weight, we suggest that you give ShaToBu a try! With ShaToBu you can shape up, and tone up simply by wearing this great shapewear. I think that it’s really an awesome thing that I can wear shapewear, burn calories, and really feel good about myself. We suggest that you check it out!

For more information on ShāToBu shapewear you can visit


Featuring music from the greatest video games of all time as performed by top orchestras and choirs from around the world, Video Games Live: Level 2 features the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra performing along with exclusive video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, special fx, solo performers, percussionists, live action and unique interactive segments, creating a entirely unique entertainment experience.

Created and produced by world famous video game composer Tommy Tallarico,
the Video Games Live: Level 2 CD features 16 musical performances (2 additional tracks on the download version), and the DVD and Blu-Ray include never-before-televised music and video from Super Mario Bros.™, The Legend of Zelda™, Sonic the Hedgehog™, Halo®, Warcraft®, Chrono Cross®, Castlevania®, Guitar Hero®, God of War™ and many more, as well as a special Classic Arcade Medley featuring games from Pong® to Dragon’s Lair and Tetris®, and more than three hours of bonus material. Filmed in New Orleans this past April in high definition with 5.1 audio surround sound, the concert features the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, a 34-person chorus; a number of soloists including pianist Martin Leung, flautist Laura “Flute Link” Intravia, original vocalists from the games; plus a rock band featuring Tallarico on guitar, lasers and special effects.

My little gamer loves this DVD and I'm sure that yours will too! This is a must have gift for all of the gamers on your shopping list! Tour dates and more information available at

Beverly Hills Matchmaker Dishes Out The Goodies For Those In Search Of Love And Companionship

Looking for Love? Get ready to take a roller coaster ride of your life. Marla Martenson knows more about the joys and perils of love, romance and dating than anyone could ever imagine. As a professional love counselor who operates a Beverly Hills matchmaking service, she has seen it all.

In Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker, Marla Martenson divulges the real life stories of the people she has tried to get to hook up. She shares her hilarious adventures and the incredibly daunting daily challenges as she tries to run her business and keep her self esteem from imploding in a town where looks are everything and money talks.

You’ll be holding on to your seat trying not to fall off your chair laughing with some of the tales of Marla doing what she can to please the unreasonable demands of her tantrum-throwing clients who absolutely refuse to see reality.

A Woman's Guide to Successful Negotiating, Second Edition by Lee Miller (career columnist for The Newark Star Ledger) & Jessica Miller (Director, Cushman & Wakefield). This father-daughter writing team deftly illustrates how to negotiate a higher salary (and close up the pay wage gap), pay less for a car and services, and teach your daughters to negotiate, too. This book helps you to understand the 10 most common mistakes that women make and how to avoid them. In this book you can learn from women such as CEO of Avon Andrea Jung, Chairman of Hearst Magazines Cathie Black, Emmy- winning actress Christine Baranski, and television anchor Alexis Glick how to get what you deserve in every aspect of your life!

We have lots of Wine Charms but none as unique as these! And priced at only $7.00 these would make the perfect hostess gift, stocking stuffer, or gift for any wine lover on your shopping list!

These wine charms come 6 to a set and include a cotton muslin drawstring pouch for storage that can also be hung around a wine bottle neck for display at your next party or get-together. Charms read: Sprout, Squeeze, Screw, Swirl, Sip, and Savor. We love these charms! We encourage you to check out Corkologie today!

Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton by Rebecca Shambaugh. Her ability to overcome adversity both professionally and personally is an earmark of Clinton’s life, from law school to Secretary of State. She discusses ways she’s used resiliency to bounce back successfully from every setback, stronger and smarter. A must read for all of the females on your shopping list!

Give a gift that really makes a difference...
...get the best value for you money!
Half Off Gift Vouchers at - Double The Value!

Send the voucher directly to your loved ones!
Personalize the message!
Print and give the voucher in person!

GJ and I have recevied several pairs of glasses from this great site and we have been pleased with each and every pair! We encourage you to check them out!

The No-Cry Separation Anxiety Solution: Gentle Ways to Make Good-bye Easy from Six Months to Six Years by Elizabeth Pantley. Is the act of saying “goodbye” a painful experience – not just for your child but for you, too? This book offeres parent-tested methods for making speration easier. Whether you are dealing with issues as leaving your child at day care or just for going out for the day, this book will give you lots of wonderful advice. I love how this book helps parents recognize that separation anxiety is common and normal for children at various ages, and helps them decide what gentle, respectful steps to take to help ease a child's separation anxiety.

Parenting the Strong-Willed Child: The Clinically Proven Five-Week Program for Parents of Two- to Six-Year-Olds, Third Edition by Drs. Rex Forehand and Nicolas Long. Rex Forehand, Ph.D. and Nicholas Long Ph.D. have helped thousands of parents achieve discipline using positive reinforcement, without yelling or harming the child's self-esteem. Their clinically proven, five-week program gives you the tools you need to successfully manage your child’s behavior, giving specific factors that cause or contribute to disruptive behavior; ways to develop a more positive atmosphere in your family and home; and strategies for managing specific behavior problems.

New research highlights the scientific foundation behind the program.
Topics include:
Understanding Your Strong-Willed Child's Behavior; Strong-Willed Behavior and How It All Begins; Why Is My Child Becoming Even More Strong-Willed?; It Takes More than Just Good Parenting; Does My Child Have ADHD?; Addressing Strong-Willed Behavior: A Five-Week Program; Does My Child’s Behavior Really Need to Change?; Week 1: Attending; Week 2: Rewarding; Week 3: Ignoring; Week 4: Giving Directions; Week 5: Using Time-Outs; Integrating Your Parenting Skills; Creating a Positive Climate for Behavior Change; Creating a More Positive Home; Improving Your Communication Skills; Developing More Patience; Building Positive Self-Esteem; Helping Your Child Solve Problems with Peers; Solving Some Common Behavior Problems: Additional Recommendations; Specific Problem Behaviors

Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too: Its Good to be a Little Selfish--It Actually Makes You a Better Mother by Susan Callahan, Anne Nolen, and Katrin Schumann. This book includes practical and inspiring real-life stories that will remind you of who you are – and why the occasional time-out will make you and your family life that much more fulfilling. This book will help you become the best mother you can be by becoming the best woman you can be.

Written by moms, for moms, this book will help you create a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life for you and your family. The authors draw on their own extensive experience and that of hundreds of women around the world, and bring to light a variety of helpful resources--from cutting-edge studies to Eastern philosophies--to create this innovative, inspiring, and easy-to-use guide.

With this book, you'll learn how to:
Live a more deliberate, more purposeful, more satisfying life
Say goodbye to the constant guilt of not measuring up by embracing your personal mothering style
Enjoy your children more and feel close to your husband again
The authors reveal their own unvarnished turning points, share stories they've gathered from the trenches, and present eye-opening research to show how a little selfishness can bring a whole new sense of purpose and energy to stressed-out modern mothers.

This is a powerful book that all women should own!

Amira Mor is an internationally renowned Belly Dancer, Certified Fitness Instructor, and founder of "Amira Mor International Entertainment Company." She was born in Israel to Iraqi parents and was infused with a love for music and dance. She has received world-wide acclaim as a performer, choreographer, producer and director. Amira has drawn a large, devoted audience that has made her one of the world’s most sought-after contemporary belly dancers.

She has developed her own remarkable style of belly dancing, combining her love of classical movement with her passion for modern innovation. The result is a thrilling combination of opposing elements: hypnotic undulations and exciting hip rhythms, finger cymbals, sword balancing and the incorporation of a sheer soft veil. She is an inspiration to both her students and her audience, encouraging them to move and feel their own sensuality as they dance to the pulsating energy of Middle Eastern music.

Amira Mor: Belly Dance For Fitness is aimed at using the art of the dance for a well-rounded fitness program. Amira Mor and the Jewels of the Nile bring the energy of a live class into the privacy of your home. Amira breaks down the sensual movements of belly dance to the most basic and easy to understand instructions. I love how this DVD guides me through the step-by-step of body isolations. Amira shares with you the tips and secrets that make belly dance the perfect combination of feminine sensuality and fitness!! This is such a fun fitness DVD that I enjoy!

In When You Say Thank You, Mean It you'll learn how O'Donohue tackled this question head-on, developing a practical program that allows parents to impart timeless values in their children over the course of one year, focusing on one key value each month.

Now, more than ever, it seems that the world is in need of a rulebook to assist parents in raising happy, responsible and well adjusted children. According to a recent poll by Rasmussen Research, more than 8 out of 10 respondents said children today display worse manners than when they themselves were kids; the National Association of Elementary School Principles also reports that a lack of good manners among children is a growing problem in the classroom and on the playground.

This book outlines an effective and creative way to engage the whole family through weekly exercises, thought-provoking Questions of the Day, challenging role-playing games, and other fun and family-friendly activities, including:

* Keeping a Gratitude Board
* Creating Respect Tiles
* Making a ‘Compassion in Action’ Calendar
* Hosting an ‘Earning for Learning’ Gameshow
* Starting a Life Map

This book would be a great resource for any parent!

How to UnSpoil You Child Fast: A Speedy, Complete Guide to Contented Children and Happy Parents offers a straightforward and practical solution to fixing the problems of spoiling your child.

Richard Bromfield, Ph.D., a clinical instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School, outlines concrete tips and strategies to quickly reverse the effects of overindulgent parenting and is available to discuss how to:

Take back your parental control
Get and keep your child's attention
Exercise discipline consistently
Stop explaining yourself
Hold your ground
Refuse to make deals and bargains
Ultimately develop healthy and functional children and adults

The upcoming holiday season is also a great time to teach your children that there's more to the holidays than gifts. The books help you to feel more confident and parent more consistently while instilling character and self-reliance in your children today. I love how this book offers tons of advice that really is practical. I also appreciate how this book outlines helpful and loving ways to correct behavior before it becomes a problem. If you are struggling with these behavoirs we highly encourage you to check this great book!


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