Sunday, December 5, 2010

{HOLIDAY LOVE LIST 2010} For the reader on your shopping list!

This is a very informative guidebook that offers complete instruction for professionals and parents on what ADHD coaching for young people is and how it can dramatically improve the lives of the afflicted. This handbook discusses powerful intervention practices to help youths with ADHD break through barriers and succeed in their lives. The thorough, hands-on guidance makes for an ideal resource for all individuals interested in learning more about coaching young people with ADHD including life coaches interested in expanding their practices to a new market; academic tutors and personal organizers wondering if they would like to become trained as an ADHD coach; and therapists, psychiatrists, and pediatricians confused about what ADHD coaches do.

This book is a total adventure! Jamie Harper’s adorable, energetic illustrations and wonderfully childlike sensibility will appeal to every busy little kid who loves things that go. My little one loves this fun book and I'm sure that yours will as well!!

In this book John Sileo demonstrates how to keep data theft from destroying your bottom line, both personally and professionally. In addition to sharing his gripping tale of losing $300,000 and his business to data breach, John writes about the risks posed by social media, travel theft, workplace identity theft, and how to keep it from happening to you and your business.

By interlacing his personal experience with cutting-edge research and unforgettable stories, John not only inspires change inside of your organization, but outlines a simple framework with which to build a Culture of Privacy. This book is a must-read for any individual with a Social Security Number and any business leader who doesn't want the negative publicity, customer flight, legal battles and stock depreciation resulting from data breach.

Hannah has very big ears and loves that she can listen to everything in nature. During her numerous adventures, she uses her gift to help trees and animals survive.

This is a charming book that teaches about being different, learning to listen and the importance of saving the trees on our planet. We highly recommend this book for children to learn about the importance of caring for the world around them. Ella loves the brilliant colors of the awesome illustrations in this fun book! We suggest that you check it out today!

This is a such an entertaining children's book that is filled with colorful illustrations! This funny book has us laughing out loud. Ella has read it over and over and still laughs each time! She took it to school to share with her class!

If you are a parents that needs help managing media at home then this book is for you. This book offers answers for all of your children related technology questions. This is the first ever comprehensive and practical child- and family-centered guide of its kind. This book will help parents to reset their thinking and learn step-by-step how to make digital media into powerful parenting tools.

Eske was born in Nebraska in 1983, and in 1989 his parents welcomed from India an infant they named Meredith. Three more siblings followed: Michelle and Jordan from India, and Jamie from Korea. As the family grew, they moved into ever-larger houses ("1,000 for each kid"), and Eske's feelings of alienation increased. After completing a master's degree at the London School of Economics, Eske decided to visit his siblings' home countries and the orphanages they lived in, even meeting their original caretakers, during a 23-city journey he viewed as essential to "getting back in with my family again." Throughout, Eske (communications director for Global Action for Children, funded by the Jolie-Pitt Foundation) shares family stories, reflections and observations from his travels, and details the history, joys, and complications of international adoption.

Having a child with an autism spectrum disorder may mean that you have to change your life. It can seem as though there are so many things you just can't do. But there are adventures-large and small-that kids with autism love, and they are waiting for your whole family! Just think outside of the ordinary, look for reachable sensory experiences, come prepared, and keep an open mind, and everyone in your family can go along for a great ride. This book is packed with exciting ideas for families living with autism, with everything you need to know to make them a reality.

Unconventional backyard fun: zip lines, trampolines, tree stumps, and even exercise bikes!
Easy ways to adapt public places such as bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, and swimming pools into stress-free outings
Surprising activities that can lead to lifelong interests
Dreaming big: there's a world of amusement parks, water slides, camping, and other family getaways that are truly within reach
Special activities for grandparents and extended family members
How to team up with other parents to maximize the fun

I have worked closely with several Autistic kids in my classroom and I feel that the book offers lots of great information that would really benefit a family that has been touched with Autism.

Ruby Donaldson has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease, and her goal is to straighten out her troubled family before she no longer knows how.

Ruby spent years fighting to hold on to the home her grandmother built on Ward's Island. The only way she can ensure that her younger, mentally scarred daughter Grace can live there for the rest of her life is to convince her older daughter, Liz, to sober up and come home.

Ruby always thought she'd have a lifetime to make things right, but suddenly time is running out. She has to put her broken family back together quickly while searching for a way to deal with the inevitable- and do it with all the grit, stubbornness, and unstoppable determination that makes Ruby who she is...until she's Ruby no longer.

We were provided copies of each of the books above to review!


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