Friday, December 17, 2010

ShaToBu: Scientifically Proven to Help Burn Extra Calories!

Did you ever think what you wear under your clothes can help you get fit? I certainly did not! So, I was excited to learn more ShaToBu! These days, more and more women are turning to shapewear to look slimmer, but ShāToBu is the only shaper that not only promises to shape your body for a sleeker silhouette, but also tone your muscles and burn extra calories during everyday activities.

Researchers from the University of Virginia presented data at the 2010 OBESITY Annual Scientific Meeting showing that over 70 percent of the women they tested doing simple exercises increased the number of calories they burned when they wore the shaper.

The secret to ShaToBu is the built-in seamless resistance bands that make muscles work a little harder during natural movement. This in turn tones your muscles and burns extra calories.
I love my ShaToBu shapewear! I just wear the shaper and can burn extra calories just by wearing it. It fits perfectly and leaves no lines or bumps under my clothing. It's very comfortable to wear and stays in place! We encourage you to check out ShaToBu today! For more information on ShāToBu shapwear you can visit
Thanks so much to ShaToBu for providing us with these products to review!


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