Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FUTURO from 3M

Are you looking for a way to keep your legs and skin looking fresh this winter season? If so, FUTURO™ Hosiery and Sock’s compression technology is for you!
FUTURO™ Hosiery by 3M is perfect for people of all ages – from reducing spider veins to helping improve in-flight comfort, as well as preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT or “Economy Class Syndrome”), FUTURO aids a variety of ailments. FUTURO Hosiery prevents DVT, helping to keep you healthy throughout all your travels.

These socks are ideal for sitting in one place all day, or while traveling or at the office. The graduated compression improves circulation, with maximum compression at the ankle that gradually decreases up the let to provide an energizing feeling. They help to relieve symptoms of mild varicose or spider veins and swelling. These socks are made from soft, comfortable material and features an attractive wide band that holds socks in place. They are very durable, with a reinforced toe and heel to keep you looking professional all day long!

Gj and I have worn these great socks and they really are comfortable. They also wash up really good and show very little wash wear! I love that they are available in chic styles that look identical to department store brands socks. We encourage you to check out FUTURO today!

Thanks so much to FUTURO for providing us with samples of the products mentioned above!


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