Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Heartbroke Bay {Book Review}

Set in a remote part of Alaska during the late 19th century gold rush, Lynn D’Urso’s powerful debut novel, HEARTBROKE BAY, is inspired by a true story of a young woman determined to make a life for herself in the harsh, untamed wilderness.

In HEARTBROKE BAY, five gold prospectors—four men and one woman—set out for a deserted part of Alaska and, once settled there, discover the realization both of their fondest dreams and their worst nightmares. As the reality of their cruel surroundings sets in and the remnants of civilization fall away in the wilderness, each person’s strength—and sanity—is tested.

D’Urso’s riveting novel follows the harrowing journey of one young woman whose endurance is tested beyond all measure. Its examination of the strength of the human spirit will resonate with readers long after the last page is turned.

Heartbroke Bay is a such an amazing, heart-wrenching story of determination that I really enjoyed. I loved reading the book and knowing that it was inspired by a true story!! Through this book I was able to see a glimpse of history and identify with the characters through the trials and tribulations of their life on the last frontier. It's a MUST read!


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