Thursday, August 4, 2011

OFF! Mosquito Repellent

I love summertime for so many reasons!! But there is one little reason that I don't like it: mosquitoes! And like it or not, mosquitoes are heading to a backyard near you!!! Thankfully, there are great products available to help repel pesky mosquitoes! We were recently given the opportunity to review two new mosquito repellents from OFF!®: the new OFF!® Deep Woods® Dry, and newly redesigned, smaller OFF!® Clip-On™.

Since, my daughter is a cheerleader I have to set outside a few nights a week while she has her practice. Therefore, having a reliable insect repellent is a must!! If you are like me and don’t like the greasy, sticky feeling of spraying repellents on your skin, you should try the new OFF!® Deep Woods® Dry Insect Repellent. It offers a powder dry formula with proven OFF!® Deep Woods® protection without sticky, greasy feel.

If your like my husband that loves to sit out in the woods, but doesn’t want to spray any repellent on his skin, then the newly designed, smaller OFF!® Clip-On™ Mosquito Repellent is for you! OFF!® Clip-On™ Mosquito Repellent is a personal mosquito repellent you don’t spray on. A battery-operated fan circulates odorless repellent providing head-to-toe OFF!® protection from mosquitoes within minutes!

Both products have worked well for our family! I love that we can be together outside and not have to worry about mosquitoes! We encourage you to give these great new products a try!!

We received samples of the products mentioned above!


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