Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Stocked Kitchen

We are faced with the Dinner time Dilemma at our house quite often!! Therefore, we are continually searching for ways to make this process easier. So, I was excited when we recently received a great, new, time-saving cookbook: The Stocked Kitchen by Sarah Kallio and Stacey Krastins to review!

The idea is simple: purchase the items on The Stocked Kitchen grocery list (it even comes with tear-out lists!) and have hundreds of delicious meals at your finger tips.

The Stocked Kitchen™ is the first complete meal creation system with only one standard list of groceries. If your kitchen is "Stocked" with these ingredients you will always have what you need to create any of the 300 delicious recipes found in this book. These recipes have been used for all of the authors' own dining needs, including meals for drop-in guests, special occasions, and every-night family dinners. The Stocked Kitchen encompasses all parts of the meal creation process from shopping, to storing, to cooking, to serving. The results are delicious, “guest worthy” meals made from real, basic ingredients.

Sarah and Stacey have proven The Stocked Kitchen™ system works. It has reduced their grocery bills, stress levels, trips to the market, and food waste. Create more delicious meals while removing the handcuffs of pre-planning. One grocery list, endless recipes!

This book is great! It's going to make our lives so much easier when we are back in school and rushing to get our little ones to all of their different sporting and school events!! I am taking the list with me to the grocery this week and have already picked out some favorite recipes that we can't wait to try!! If Dinner Time is a struggle at your house we encourage you pick this book up today!!!

Watch Sarah and Stacey talk about their fabulous cookbook here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TISpBzuMkDc.

We received a copy of the book mentioned above to review!


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