Friday, December 16, 2011

The ZERO Scale™

This review product arrived just in time as I am starting my New Year's Resolution a few weeks early! I am getting ready to start a running program as well as eating better to hopefully lose some really unwanted pounds!! I am excited to see how I lose each week but I HATE seeing the number I actually weigh! Therefore, I was extremely excited when I was offered the opportunity to review The Zero Scale!

This original and unique scale was designed to help you achieve your fitness goals whether it's to lose, gain, or maintain your weight. The advantage is that you NEVER have to see your weight again! This cool scale shows small increments of gain or loss, plus the number of days since your last check and your very first check so it does all the tracking for you! Exactly what I have always wanted, my results without the weight! This makes it easier to stay motivated and on-track!

With the easy-to-use ZERO Scale, I can forget what I weigh and just focus on looking and feeling great.

The zero scale has a four User settings, plus a Guest Mode in case you must peek at your actual weight! The sleek, and low profile, sturdy glass design fits beautifully into any decor.

The Zero Scale also comes with The ZERO Pedometer™! It's the perfect companion to help me track my progress! This digital pedometer simply clips onto my waist to give me a readout of how many steps I've actually taking during the day. It can also tell me how many calories I've burned based on my number of steps throughout the day. I love that it's small and lightweight enough for everyday use, but yet sturdy enough to use while I run!

We highly recommend The Zero Scale!

This post was written for Family Review Network & The Zero Scale who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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