Friday, October 15, 2010

{GIVEAWAY} AHCC Boost Package

It’s that time of year…the dreaded cold/flu season. Since my husband and I are both teachers we are constantly exposed to viruses. We are always making sure that our kids eat well, take their vitamins and get plenty of sleep so their little immune systems are strong for the cold/flu season. However, we tend to take care of our own body? Recently, we were introduced to Kinoko AHCC, a natural immune booster derived from Japanese medicinal mushrooms, which is proved to be a great addition to your cold/flu season arsenal.

During last year’s flu season, Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) became Japan’s #1 selling immune supplement and the news about this unique compound is finally reaching our shores. And, there’s a new clinical study out of Michigan State University showing that AHCC enhances the effectiveness of the seasonal flu shot. How? Patients taking AHCC showed increased production of “T-cells” and natural killer (NK) cells -- those are the two types of white blood cells that help destroy virus-infected cells and fight off infections.

Kinoko AHCC also has a 20-year history of safety. It’s the world’s most researched natural immune supplement, supported by more than 50 human studies and 25 studies published in NIH-recognized peer-reviewed journals.

We received an AHCC boost pack with other products to help boost our energy, boost our luck and boost our brain power! We are excited to give AHCC a try this flu season!
We have an boost package for one lucky reader! This package includes a full size bottle of AHCC, as well as many other fun items to help boost your luck and brain power!
To Enter:
Just let us know know what you do to stay healthy during the cold months!


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We were provided with the products listed above for review and giveaway!


smdrm said...

To stay healthy in winter, I wash my hands even more often, keep polite distance from those who are sneezing, coughing or blowing, and get plenty of rest.

kg4rmt at arrl dot net

smdrm said...

I'm subscribed via Google Reader.

Anonymous said...

My grampy's cold remedy: Soon as your throat itches, boil 1 cup of molasses with 1/4 cup cider vinegar until syrup coats spoon,forms a drop in icecold water ( 5 min.brisk boiling): Add 1/2 of a small RAW diced onion, stir, remove from heat, pour onto large buttered plate- eat all of this while it's warm: It works!

Anonymous said...

I already subscribe to your emails.

Liza767 said...

I put lotion on after my shower

Liza767 said...

following you

Liza767 said...

twitter friend liza vla

Liza767 said...

following on network blogs on fb

Liza767 said...

i will have email subscription soon keep trying ugh wont go tho

Liza767 said...


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