Monday, December 27, 2010

A&E Presents: "Beyond Scared Straight"- keeping teens out of prison the hard way

“Beyond Scared Straight” showcases the extreme yet effective way to keep at-risk teens out of prison by inviting them to spend a very real and confrontational day in prison with prisoners. The series is from Arnold Shapiro, the Academy Award and Emmy winning producer who brought us the original documentary “Scared Straight!” “Scared Straight!” has become an iconic name and cultural phenomenon over the years. Under the auspices of Arnold Shapiro, “Beyond Scared Straight” profiles the new approach to keeping today’s kids from becoming tomorrow’s convicts.

Each stand alone 60-minute episode of “Beyond Scared Straight” focuses on a different prison program in the U.S., and follows about a half-dozen at-risk teens and pre-teens. During the show you can see them as they attend the program, experience their intensive one-day in-prison session and then follow up with them one-month later to see the lasting impressions the program has left on them.

I think it's great that if the teens can’t convince the inmates they’re going to make changes in their lives, they’ll have to stay at the prison for an additional 72 hours.

We received a copy of an episode to preview and definitely think it is a must watch!
This is a very beneficial program for teens to watch. Be sure to tune in to A&E!

Thursday, January 13, 10/9C

Thanks so much to A&E for sending us this episode to preview!


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