Monday, May 26, 2008’s 1st Contest !! Worth 350$+!!

The Drawing would take place at June 20th 5:00 PM IST, winners would be selected randomly through and a screenshot would be also given of the selection.
The good lookin Prizes:
1st Prize:
200$ PayPal
1500 Entrecards
2nd Prize:
100$ PayPal
900 Entrecards
3rd Prize:
50$ PayPal
500 Entrecards
How to Participate:
Required - Earn 1 Ticket: You can earn a single ticket by subscribing to RSS Feeds via email.
Earn 5 Tickets: Have 15 comments at the Blog and you will win 5 tickets. Earn 24 Tickets: You can earn 24 tickets if you do a blog post about this contest.
Check it out here: Contest


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