Thursday, September 18, 2008

Liquid Benadryl - A LIFESAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the permission of Summer I am sharing the following post from her blog Summer's Nook.
PLEASE take a moment and read it!!!
You would never think that after having been treated with amoxycillin (an antiobiotic) plenty of times before, you would ever have an allergic reaction to it. But that’s exactly what happened to my mother. Even stranger was that the response was delayed. Three days after she had finished the bottle according to doctors orders, she felt her throat begin to constrict.
She made it into the bathroom, not entirely sure what was happening yet but said within a matter of just moments she felt as though her soul was leaving her body. She called out to my dad who thankfully heard her and through ragged gasps said simply two words - Benadryl, Hospital.

My dad knew then that something was terribly wrong. My mom is a tough cookie so if she even mentions the word sick you know something is up. He immediately grabbed the liquid Benadryl from the bathroom cupboard and poured some down her throat (not the whole bottle of course), then proceeded to get her to the hospital where they were able to stabilize her. The attending physician told my dad he had saved her life by having that Benadryl on hand.
Now I make sure I always have some in my purse and in our home just in case. Benadryl worked for my mom and I hope it will never have to work for me that way but I’ll always have it around just in case.


Alyce said...

I recently read somewhere that liquid benadryl should be included in a home first aid kit, so I went and bought some to keep at home just in case. My husband rolled his eyes at me when I brought it home because he thinks I'm a hypochondriac, but I would rather be prepared and have nothing happen.

This story makes me feel better about my decision to stock my medicine cabinet with the liquid benadryl. Thanks for sharing your friend's story! I'm so glad her mom is ok.

Linda said...

So glad Summer's Mom is okay! So glad someone was home with her! Kudo's to Mum for being able to remember the Benadryl, and for Dad for listening & Acting upon it!

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