Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mommy Community Blog Trip Day 2

I think these pictures probably sum up the gas situation at every stop on our blog trip!!

We got gas at a station about 15 miles from our house today (since we were going that way) for $3.53. The station a couple miles from our house was $3.71!!!!! Is there any relief in site??

We are very lucky that the school where I teach is only 2.9 miles from our house!!!

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Charlene said...

You are lucky that you don't have far to go. I didn't think my travel miles were bad either, 12 miles. But I guess it all adds up eventually!

Parker Family said...

Wow, that's pretty cheap! We're still close to the $4 a gallon mark. I love the pics-BTW! sweetnsassygirls.blogspot.com

rmgales said...

I love your pictures. $3.53 is about the price in my area. I drive about 30 miles to and from the office each day, and I don't drive any futher than I have to.

Nancy Murphy said...

I love the gas price sign!!! So funny!!!!

We don't drive much either. My husband walks to the the train. I drive the girls to school 4 times a day at .5 mile each way. We are pretty lucky.

Gin said...

I agree, lucky you for a lower gas price.

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