Saturday, October 18, 2008

Would you like to know easy ways to become a greener family?

In households across the country, the topic of what it means to be green has taken a spot on center stage, gaining momentum not only in the political arena but also at the dinner table. In fact, a recent Mom Central survey revealed that 81% of Moms consider themselves to be "green." However, in many cases, being green puts more pressure on already busy Moms.

Would you like to know how you can take the simple steps towards living a more natural life?

To make it easier to take the next step in being green, Green Works created the 30 days to Natural website which is devoted to providing practical tips for households at all stages of greenness. Whether recycling additional items, using eco-friendly cleaners, or walking to the store once a week instead of driving, the site offers suggestions to take just a few additional, easy steps every day. Clorox Green Works is trying to make the process a little bit easier and add a bit more incentive to it as well, by challenging all of us to take 30 days to go green challenge. With the launch of their new 30 days to natural site, they are providing a great deal of support and resources to help you meet those challenge successfully. The 30 days to natural is a site that helps motivate you by sending you 30 daily tips for living a healthier and greener life! Just one small change per day and after 30 days, they could add up to a huge difference for your family.

We received some Green Works cleaning products to review and we happy to find that they seemed to work just as well, if not better, than the other ones we had been using. This is a simple task that we are now doing to make our home greener!

So the challenge is can you take 30 days to make a commitment to a more natural way of living??


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