Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Friday Night Knitting Club Novel: Knit Too

Little compares to the bond between women. Sometimes a great friend can feel like a sister: someone to share secrets with, laugh with over embarrassing moments, or turn to for support. With no sisters myself, I have always relied on friends to fill this role! Author Kate Jacobs understands this extremely well, which probably explains why her books seem to speak to each of us individually.

Her novel, The Friday Night Knitting Club, earned rave reviews for its powerful characters and moving storyline. And you should expect nothing less from the sequel. Knit Two, which comes out later this month, brings us back into the lives of the original characters five years after the first book left off. This time, 18-year-old Dakota runs her mother’s knitting store part-time with the help of the knitting club.

I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review Knit Two! This story is a quick read and flows very smoothly!! This book is very realistic in many aspects. In Knit Two, 5 years have past since the death of Georgia. Dakota, her daughter, has enrolled in college and is struggling to find her way. Luckily, Dakota and James have the continued support of the Knitting Club all these years later.
A lot of the characters are facing their own issues (such running businesses, marriage, and family) in their own lives so it's very easy to connect and relate to these characters. Anita continues to provide the strongest support to Dakota. We even learned a bit more about the lives of the men in this book. The author was able uniquely relate Knitting to Life in a way that was captivating to me as a reader. Although we are not knitters I feel that my friends and I have the same solid friendship bond that the characters share in this novel, therefore, making this realistic fiction a book that I could easily relate to!
Knit Two will be available for purchase TODAY!! This is must read if you have already read The Friday Night Knitting Club. Hopefully, Kate Jacobs will be writing another book to add to this wonderful series!!
You can read Chapter One HERE!!

With a focus on the challenges, joys, and friendships of these characters, this book is a powerful read for any woman. Although those who read the first book will be especially captivated by the continuation, even new readers will find countless things to love. Few novels these days are a must read, but, for any woman who understands the power of friendship, this should be one of them. We highly recommend this book for any woman on your shopping list! Be sure to visit Kate Jacobs site to get additional information about her as well as other books she has written!


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