Sunday, November 30, 2008

"A Month of Meals" Review

Are you tired of eating the same meals week after week? We certainly are at our house so
we were thrilled when we received "A Month of Meals" to review. This great easy to read ebook includes lots of great information! The daily meals are neatly laid out in a spreadsheet that includes the ingredients and recipes together! The section that really helped us was the List of Staples! This included a list of the items that you should always have on hand because most recipes call for these. We have loved all of the recipes that we have tried with the Potato Soup and Chicken Wraps being a couple of our favorites! This is a great resourceful book that would be the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas Shopping List!!

You can consistently save money every month with this meal plan!
This meal plan will help you discover how you can easily save hundreds on grocery bills, reduce stress at dinnertime, and have family meals together on a nightly basis! The basics of this meal plan is that it had compiled meals that work well together because they have similar ingredients. These are unique meals that don't waste ingredients.

In A Month of Meals, you receive:

Meals – a month of easy to fix and healthy meals your whole family will enjoy. Using the premise that we need more vegetables and whole grains, you end up saving money and there are great health benefits!

Recipes – quick and easy recipes put into a weekly schedule. There are even 6 meals that you can make ahead of time to freeze for your extra busy days when you don’t want to think about cooking at all!
Ingredients & Shopping Lists – these will make going to the grocery store a breeze (maybe even a fun trip)!

Plus, there are some extras to this eBook!

Ready to print out recipe cards - This makes the preparation even more at your fingertips! You will know exactly what you have in your fridge and exactly how to make it – simple as that!

Helpful tips – having trouble getting your child to eat, don’t know simple ways to live a healthier life-style, not sticking to your budget? This eBook gives great simple tips to help you live simpler, eat healthier, and shop with less money! Simple ways to be healthy and choose healthier options!

A list of staples to have on hand – this can save you many unnecessary trips to the store
Other Resources in this Meal Plan:
Tips to having a meal plan and how it can save you a lot of money in the long run
Great tasting and healthy side options
The average price of items in most locations, how they very depending on where you live, and how to compare prices
A better example of a food pyramid that focuses on healing foods
Links connecting you to information on gardening, finding your ideal weight, and more
The eBook comes with an 8 week, 100%, money-back guarantee! The author is so sure that you will love the wealth of information and saving money guidelines that are found in this book that you will never want to send it back. Test the information out! See how it works for you and your family. That way, there is absolutely no risk to you!!!
If you’ve decided that this is what you want – worry free grocery planning, shopping, and cooking claim your instant download of “A Month of Meals” at the amazing price of $19.95!
Click Here Now For An Instant Download!
If you have any questions at anytime, feel free to contact the author by e-mail.

Thanks so much to FRN and A Month of Meals for this yummy opportunity.


mommyknows said...

I am tempted. I have such a hard time deciding what to make for supper every night.

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