Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Carpet Fresh

Carpet Fresh Carpet and Room Odor Eliminator permanently neutralizes carpet odors and helps keep entire rooms smelling fresh by delivering odor-fighting agents deep into carpet fibers and reaching places air fresheners can't and leaving a long lasting fragrance. Additionally, the Carpet Fresh Quick-Dry Foam format allows you to simply spray your carpets and walk away without scrubbing or vacuuming. It dries in minutes, leaves no residue, and is safe for use around your family when used as directed. (Carpet Fresh is a great resource for drapes and car interiors as well.)

We are thrilled with our Carpet Fresh Carpet and Room Odor Eliminator. It is totally an effective and family friendly way to remove the toughest, trapped carpet odors. We received the Apple Cinnamon scent and just love it! It comes in a variety of fragrances and I can't wait to try all of them! It is such a simple way to eliminate odors. You just spray it on the carpet and it dissolves on it's own leaving nothing but a great scent behind! We highly recommend this quick and easy new product!

Be sure to click here for ways that Carpet Fresh can help to keep your home smelling fresh, a product locator, and a link to download a coupon for $1.50 off any Carpet Fresh purchase!

Thanks so much to Carpet Fresh and Mom Central for this great review opportunity!


VickieB said...

I have a hard time with scented products, but I can use the Carpet Fresh Pet Fresh. It has a clean fresh scent. Having a hard time finding it anymore. The only place I can now find it locally is at the Dollar Tree

VickieB said...

Actually, I have a correction, I didn't have a can in front of me, just know what it looks like. The one that's great for pets (or just to use) is called Neutra Air.

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