Monday, March 30, 2009

Making Life Better

If you hear "I am starving! or What's for dinner?" each day then we have the perfect site for you! Do you get tired of the same meals each week? If so then it sounds like you could use a little meal inspiration! At our house keeping dinner ideas fresh, easy to prepare and budget-friendly presents some challenges.

Unilever, the consumer package goods company, has spent a great deal of time thinking about how to make everyday life better and help us find ways to create great meals and do more with less. Their site, Making Life Better, features delicious recipes, affordable meal ideas and tips that stretch your budget and save you time.

Some of my favorites from the site include:
Time-Saving Tips for Creating Family Meals
Grill Now, Eat Later
Eating Seasonally
cooking techniques
food selection & storage
Cut Calories With a Lettuce Wrap

Start Planning Your Easter Dinner
Hosting a big gathering this Easter? Here, five menu-worthy recipes.
Prep Time
Cook Time

Vegetable & Cheese Pastry Puffs
The most important thing to remember when preparing these appetizer pastries is to make sure you make enough for everyone!
45 min
15 min

Baked Ham with Wine & Onion Glaze
A critical part of your Easter dinner, this main dish costs just $14.24 per recipe* for eight servings.
*Based on average retail prices at national supermarkets.
15 min
1 hours

Savory Balsamic Asparagus
This verdant, 70-calorie-per-serving side dish rounds out any meal
5 min
15 min

Lasagna with Creamy Pink Sauce
A springtime variation on this classic dish — it’s great for vegetarian guests!
20 min
1 hours

Carrot Cake
I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to make this temptingly delicious dessert several times before the big day.

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We highly recommend this great site! Check it out today!

Thanks so much to Mom Central for letting us know about this great site!


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