Thursday, April 23, 2009

AllStarBuddies.Com is a new sports-themed virtual world website for kids where a healthy, positive lifestyle is reinforced through fun games and safe social interaction. Using individual and multi-player games, children learn about problem-solving, goal setting, good sportsmanship, teamwork, fitness and good nutrition – all while having a fun online experience.

This great site was created by two moms with a passion for sports, fitness and their children, is a virtual playground based in the fictional town of “Varsity Heights.” Members receive a user id and password and are able to choose one of seven sports-themed, animated characters as their onscreen persona. Once registered, members can engage in sports-themed games, classic arcade-style games, as well as activities geared towards learning. Children can also collect the seven All Star Buddies plush toys, each of which comes with a unique, promotional code that they can enter online to receive extra privileges in Varsity Heights!

Ace (the “Baseball Buddy”)

Here are some of the cool places, games and activities offered on the website:
Varsity Heights Stadium Games- Suit up and head straight to Varsity Heights Stadium to
tackle great sports-themed games featuring All Star Buddies like Blitz’s Fumble Rumble,
Striker’s Breakaway Invasion, and Deke’s Ice Block Rock.
The Arcade - Race over to the Arcade and challenge your friends to classic arcade-style games
or enjoy the silliness that happens when you over-indulge on junk-food snacks, just like in real
life. In Varsity Heights, though, you can learn the lesson of how bad junk food makes you feel
without suffering through a stomach ache!
School Zone - Your brain is like a muscle that always needs strengthening. Head over to the
School Zone and let Ms. Applebee test your brain power with games and activities like “Math
Splash” and “Animation Station.” (Since kids may be a little reluctant to visit School after real
school, the site’s designer moms will offer bonuses, extra coins and other incentives for
stopping by for a little learnin’.) Visit the playground next door to play kick ball and watch
your character climb up and slide down the slide.
Check it out today!


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