Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Novel About Life

This book is about a mother and wife named Delia. Delia also writes a popular household advice column. She's organized and has written several Household Guides in her forty something years. Sadly, she finds herself dying from cancer and decides that she needs to document this experience in her final "Household Guide." Throughout the book Delia makes preparations for her family so they will be reminded of her after she has passed away. She will leave a list for her daughter’s future wedding; fill the freezer with homemade sausages, stews, and sauces; and even (maddeningly) offer her husband suggestions for a new wife. She’ll compile a lifetime’s worth of advice for her children, and she’ll even write the ultimate “Household Guide to Dying” for her fans.

The Household Guide to Dying is a very moving and uplifting novel that I totally enjoyed! The plot unfolds nicely at a great pace. It's a very believable story.
She is such a strong woman as she keeps up with her every day life and continues as nothing unusual is happening to her. I admired Delia's strength and laughed at her witty replies in her advice column! Delia's complex character drew me into her story. This is a gorgeously crafted novel that captures the reader—heart and mind—and expands our understanding of a meaningful life. We totally recommend this great read!

Thanks so much to MotherTalk for this great reading opportunity.


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