Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Along Came You, by Karona Drummond

About the Author

Karona Drummond is a certified elementary school teacher and mother of two. She has taught preschoolers for over 15 years and spent several years at Texas Woman's University Child Development Center and several years at the University of North Texas Child Development Laboratory. Her publications include "The Running Years," which was chosen for the "Hats Off to Dads" section of the Tejas Storytelling Festival. Her writing includes stories for preschoolers and elementary-aged children and inspirational poetry for adults. Karona lives with her family just outside of Dallas, Texas.

What happens when the pleasures of a tidy, carefully decorated home are traded for the excitement of high chairs and noisy toys? When quiet evenings and carefully planned schedules are traded for busy days and crazy nights? What happens when the desire to experience joy is replaced with the desire that another would experience joy? Karona Drummond weaves images of life before kids with life after kids. Illustrations by Estelle Corke, "Along Came You" (Zonderkidz, April 2009, 978-0-310-71508-5, $15.99, Hardcover) is a sweet reminder of the sacrifice parents make for their children and teaches children about the joyful changes they bring, transforming a simple life into an abundant life.

Ella and I were so excited to read this fun book! It's a wonderfully illustrated book, it's full of great detailed pictures that anyone is sure to love! While Ella loved the pictures I really enjoyed the story! It's a great reminder of what we exchange for being a mommy! The sweet words are oh so true!! Ella was so excited to take her new book to school to share with her friends! We highly recommend this great read to girls of all ages!! It would also make a great shower gift for that mommy expecting her first little princess!!


Stephanie said...

This looks like a wonderful book with a fantastic message. I think I'm going to look this title up on Amazon.com. Thanks for the review.

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