Saturday, May 23, 2009

Google for Mom Wisdom: Mamapedia!

As moms, we are faced with issues and questions regarding our children on a daily basis! Advice, however, does not always prove easy to come by. We are even faced with questions that we would rather not discuss with our friends and family, but still need the answers to it. In comes Mamapedia, providing all these answers aggregated in a single destination.
About Mamapedia™
Questions and parenting go hand in hand. From the moment you discover you’re pregnant and wonder "what should I be eating?" to the day your child packs for college and asks "how much spending money will I need?" you’re constantly in need of advice. And there’s no one better to get it from than the ultimate experts: other moms.

This, in a nutshell, is why Mamapedia exists.

Mamapedia is your lifeline to millions of moms who’ve shared their real-world wisdom through local Mamasource online communities over the past two years. They compiled their answers, organized them by stage, and made them instantly searchable. They invite you to bookmark Mamapedia to find answers in a pinch, and to join their local Mamasource community so you can share what you’ve learned on your journey. And don't miss Mamapedia’s ever-expanding range of topics, including household, money, health, relationships, and many other things that moms are talking about.
Thanks so much to Mom Central for letting us know about this great resource!
We encourage you to check out Mamapedia today!


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