Friday, July 17, 2009

New Website for Family Friendly Travel! was inspired by the travel experiences of founders Eric & Heather McGehearty. is the only website that features hotels that are parent reviewed to help meet the needs of families traveling with small children.

The idea for came from their travel experiences with their little guy, Keegan. They started traveling with him at 8 weeks old and have not stopped. They have learned a few tricks of the trade along the way and want to make traveling with your baby easier and less stressful for parents and safer for your baby.

It all started with a bad experience at a hotel chain. They brought their baby with them on a business trip. They brought all of the essentials and wanted to use the hotels "crib" or "pack n play" for their baby to sleep in. The hotel brought them a foul smelling and beat up bed for their baby. Heather was disgusted as a mother to have her baby sleep in this filthy play-yard. So she called the front desk and requested another more suitable play-yard. The hotel staff brought them another one that was in worse condition and they said they only had two. They were also given a king sized sheet for this tiny baby crib, a strangulation hazard!

As a mom she wanted to warn other moms about this hotel and tell them it was not baby friendly. So over breakfast the next morning the idea for was born. It was important to them that parents be able to rate a hotel based on their baby travel experiences which are unique. So please be sure to use their "rattle rating system" to tell them about your stay with your baby, this will help other parents to make informed decisions about where to stay with their baby. By working together we can help change the travel industry to become more "baby friendly."
To receive a 10% off discount when shopping for baby travel products in the Baby Boutique, just use the coupon code ‘summertravel’ at checkout to have the discount applied to any purchase.


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