Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One World, One Love by Michael Bolton

This multi platinum Grammy winner is back with a new album! Michael Bolton just keeps getting better and better. Michael has out done himself with this album, what a voice! Each time I play this CD I like it a little more! These songs are great. This is an absolutely awesome CD!

Track Listings
1. Ready For You
2. Just One Love
3. Need You To Fall
4. Hope It's Too Late
5. Can You Feel Me
6. The Best
7. Murder My Heart
8. You Comfort Me
9. Sign Your Name
10. Invisible Tattoo
11. Survivor
12. Crazy Love

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Definitely a MUST have! "One World/One Love" will be in stores September 21st!
We received this CD from Universal as a member of Music Moms!


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