Saturday, June 26, 2010

Headache Buster {Product Review}

Headache Buster, with purified capsaicin pepper extract, is specially formulated to combat migraine and cluster headaches. It's 100% natural, combining the power of capsaicin pepper extract with two additional headache-fighting ingredients: feverfew extract and peppermint oil. It works immediately, to relieve even your worst headache symptoms!

Headache Buster is all-natural, which means it does not contain chemicals, additives or preservatives of any kind. It is non habit forming, zinc-free and has no known drug interactions. Unlike many headache medicines, Headache Buster does not contain acetaminophen, an ingredient under fire by the FDA.

Since Dr. Oz recommends this product we were excited to try it. GJ was the first to try it in our family and he said that once that once he got past the initial "burn" in his nasal cavity, his headache was gone. He said it really does work and the relief is almost instant! He said he would definitely recommend and will be using it again. I know I will be trying it the next time I have a headache!
Buster Brands also has Sinus and Allergy Buster that we will definitely be trying out soon!


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