Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pampers Twitter Party

MyDFWMommy in collaboration with Pampers is throwing Twitter "Viewing" Party in celebration of Pampers' new series, "Welcome to Parenthood!"

The Welcome to Parenthood Twitter "Viewing" Party will take place Tuesday, July 13, at 8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT; and the party will last for 1 hour!

This series premiered on on July 5, with new episodes posting each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Capturing the real experiences and emotions behind three couple’s journeys through various stages of parenthood, Pampers® diapers, the world’s leading diaper brand, takes us along for an unforgettable ride in the honest and entertaining Web-based series, “Welcome to Parenthood, ” which will premier on and can also be viewed on the official Pampers Facebook page.

The 14-episode series, follows three sets of parents, all raising children at different ages and stages of development, as they experience the challenges, fears, excitement and joys that come with holding the title of Mom and Dad. Each five-to six minute episode is also filled with practical advice and key takeaways from the featured couple as they try to tackle different parenting milestones from baby proofing their homes to potty training their toddlers!

We encourage you to watch the first 3 episodes by July 13. There will be questions asked about the series and prizes will be given away throughout the hour!

They will partying under hashtag: #PampersParenthood

Follow the Party Hosts: @PampersVillage and @mydfwmommy

10 prizes will be given away thru out the party, ranging from $50 to $100 giftcards and everyone will leave with a gift!

If you have never attended a Twitter Party, here is some helpful information to get you started!
If you don't already have a Twitter account, sign up for one at It's extremely simple and a great way to connect with other moms.

Make sure you are following the party hosts- @pampersvillage, @mydfwmommy

Answer the questions tweeted out by the party hosts to enter the giveaways

Keep up with the conversation by searching for the party hashtag (#PampersParenthood) and make sure you include it in your tweets as well

It can be helpful to use a site like to help keep track of the conversation! (It will look somewhat like a chat room!)

Hope to see you there!

"By posting this I have the opportunity of winning a prize from Pampers"


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