Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{GIVEAWAY} My Baby Einstein Application

We were recently given the opportunity to review a fun new app for our iPod touch! My Baby Einstein is an app that allows you to share the arts and humanities with your baby using video, books, music, and discovery cards. Also, new content is always available so My Baby Einstein stays fresh and exciting all the time!


Video: To play the famous Baby Einstein DVD content
on your iPhone for you and baby to view together.

Discovery Cards: Provide real world images of art,
nature, animals, real world objects, and more to engage
baby while in line or at the park.

Memory Book: To record events as they happen or
later with audio, video and still images you can mark
any event in a special way.

In App Purchase: Gives the option of buying new video
and discovery card packs.

We love the tons of features that this app has to offer! When I shared it with my friends baby it totally engaged him! This app is also loaded with lots of beautiful images and music! My Baby Einstein comes with two video packs, Baby Neptune and Baby Beethoven. It's really neat how you can use a picture from your iPod library, record your voice and customize a Discovery card especially for your baby! The Memory Book feature is really great as well. It's a quick way for you to capture your baby’s first steps, first words, birthdays and so much more. You even have the ability to sync up to your Facebook account and post status updates, pictures and pages directly from your Memory book. We suggest that you check out this great app!

We have an iTunes gift card for one lucky reader to download the My Baby Einstein App.

To Enter:
Just let me know what you love about Baby Einstein!>


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#GIVEAWAY @staceymoore Win My Baby Einstein App ~ http://tinyurl.com/337wbwu
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*This contest will end at Midnight on Sept. 12th!!
***The winner will be picked with the random number generator!!!
****Thanks so much for entering****

Thanks so much to Momselect and Baby Einstein for providing us with this App to review as well as the providing the code for the giveaway!


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