Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{Halloween 2010} Alize Cocktails to Make You Say Boo

Toss the bag of candy aside, Halloween is no longer just for kids!

Whether out to trick or treat, Alizé Liqueur has a variety of scary cocktails perfect for your gruesome festivities.

These vodka-based concoctions will definitely make those scary stories more frightening and your costume parties more fun.

Intensely unique and inviting, Alizé Passion liqueurs infuse premium French Vodka with luscious, all natural flavors from the world’s most exotic regions. The Master Blenders of Alize travel from the jungles of Brazil, the lush hillsides of Chile, the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, the flourishing Mediterranean Coast, and to the tropical shores of South America and the pacific islands to bring you the nectars of their exotic fruits.

Alizé is delicious mixed with vodka, tequila, rum or a splash of Champagne. Alizé is also refreshing on the rocks or in mimosas, martinis and margaritas. We were recently sent some of these great new Alize Cocktails to review and we were very impressed. We tried each of the drink recipes listed below and LOVED each one! I love most any flavor or Sangria but the Mad Scientist Sangria is awesome! If you are hosting a Halloween party this year then these Spooky Drinks are a MUST!!!

Devil’s Punch

2 ounces of Alizé Gold Passion
2 ounces of Bacardi Limon
Splash of Canton Ginger Liqueur
Splash of Cranberry juice
Splash of Lime juice
Splash of Ginger ale

Passion & ‘Pagne

3 ounces of Alizé Red Passion
3 ounces of Taittinger Champagne
Serve chilled in a champagne glass.

Mad Scientist Sangria

1 ounce of Alizé Red Passion
1 ounce of red wine
Chill Alizé Red Passion and red wine. Just before serving add 1 part ginger ale. Serve in a wine glass and garnish with a slice of apple or orange.

Vampire Kiss Martini

1 ½ part Alizé Red Passion
1ounce of Alizé Gold Passion
1 ounce of premium vodka
Top with lemonade and serve in a martini glass.

We highly suggest that you give Alizé Liqueur a try this Halloween season. You won't be disappointed!

Thanks so much to Alize for sending samples for us to review!


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