Monday, October 4, 2010

Living Without Reservations

Steps to a Do-It-Yourself Eat Pray Love Experience

At the tender age of 44 years old, Barbara Singer decided to reinvent her life. In one tense and anxiety filled year, her only child went off to school, she got divorced, and then fell in love with a new man, but then he suddenly died. She found herself looking down the barrel of twenty years in a corporate sweathouse until retirement, chasing money and running on the 7 AM to 10 PM treadmill of the American Dream. She knew she could not keep up this crazy pace and remain sane and successful. She was no longer interested building wealth. She wanted freedom, adventure, travel and romance.

So she jumped off the track. She gave up her career and travelled across country in an RV from Pennsylvania to Alaska and back. She lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean. Then she went to Italy and spent four months living in Tuscany.
In her new book Living Without Reservations she shares how she did it and offers an arsenal of ideas about how anyone can have an Eat, Pray, Love experience themselves and reinvent and re-engineer their own lives to truly build the life they dream about.

Barbara says that you don’t need to earn a lot of money. Without the trappings of the American lifestyle, it actually takes very little money to live. The real goal in life is to collect experiences and enjoy people, not just to go shopping and buy and collect stuff. You can live and travel when and where you choose without incurring great expense.

Living Without Reservations chronicles her odyssey around the world and describes the many challenges and decisions she made along the way.

Barbara offers up insights into what decisions need to be specifically addressed as one works through the adventure of personal discovery. This book offers a roadmap for making a personal transformation that allows you to slowly and steadily develop, realize and achieve one’s own personal vision.

Living Without Reservations is for all those who say some day. This book will definitely inspire you to take that leap of faith and starting living your dreams. This was a great read. Her bravery throughout the book is very inspiring. This book leaves you feeling assured that know matter what lies ahead, you have the power to deal with whatever comes your way. This was a hard book to put down as I totally enjoyed "travelling" with Barbara. We highly suggest that you check it out.

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