Friday, January 7, 2011

Blamtastic ~ The BEST Lip Balm

My little diva that is 6 going on 16 thinks that she should be able to wear lipstick! So, we compromise with lip balm! However, it can't be just any lip balm it must come in a cute package and have a great flavor! We really have a hard finding a lip balm that meets the needs of our high maintenance diva! We have searched and searched for an acceptance lip balm for the princess and until recently she hadn't found any that she LOVED!

We were recently received several samples of lip balms from Blamtastic! And guess what the princess LOVES them!! Her favorite is the O.M.G (Oh My Grape) Flavor. It's the grapiest grape in town and it's SPF 15!!

Now, the really cool think that I love about Blamtastic is that is also has BOY flavors so my boy even got some lip balm to sample! He likes the Grand Slam BLAM - Bubble Gum! It's certainly a hit, it's a score, it's a home run! My superstar loves it and it's also SPF 15!!

Another cool fact is that Blamtastic was created by Lily Sandler, age 12 and Melanie Sandler, age 10!!

When Lily was just 10 years old, she was having trouble finding her lip balm. She said, "Mom, where's my lip blam?" Lip BLAM? Brilliant. Lily's mom said that would make a great name for a lip balm company. BLAMtastic® Natural Lip Balm was born. Melanie has a natural gift for creating amazing flavors. Kids go crazy for them.
Retha Sandler, the mother of these two bright girls, it saddened her to read in 2007 that only 12 of the Fortune 500 CEO's were women when more than 50% of the American workforce is made up by women. Not everyone is destined to run a corporation. However, Retha wanted her daughters to know that anything was within their reach. She suggested they start a business of their choosing. They not only started a business, but they set a standard by which businesses should be measured. They created BLAMtastic® Lip Balm. With great awareness of the ingredients they use, the economy they support (BLAMtastic® is always made in the USA) and the community in which they live and work, these young ladies have taken an idea and turned it into a popular international brand.

Blamtastic comes in flavors and colors anyone would love. Blamtastic has flavors for girls and for boys. We highly suggest that you give them a try today! For only $2.99 a tube it makes a great gift!

We were sent the products mentioned above to review!


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