Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sterling Childrens Books

Thanks to Sterling Children's Books, we were sent some fun new books!!

Doyle and Fossey are on a mission—a monster mission! It seems there’s a giant bloodsucking monster gasping and gurgling in their friend Gabby’s garbage can. Can they figure out what’s up before the creature gobbles Gabby for lunch? This and four more cool cases will have kids checking out the clues—and learning great science too, including facts about the life cycle of a frog and chromatography.

Did Zoe really poison her twin sister Chloe? What’s the best way to rescue a super-sized pig trapped in a deep, deep hole? And how can you stop a chilly ghost from wrecking a tree-house sleepover? Fifth-grade supersleuths (and science whizzes) Doyle and Fossey are about to find out—and young readers will love learning the solutions!

Who you gonna call to ghostbust a graveyard spook? Doyle and Fossey, that’s who! They’re on the job and ready to free a snobby girl from a tight situation, uncover the culprit who’s ruining some prize roses, nab a dangerous smuggler of rare animals, and of course…reveal the truth about that pesky ghost!

Is there a creepy creature lurking in Mossy Lake? Is an evil plot stirring? Is something shocking happening to Caitlin’s cat Zappy—and can he be de-zapped? Would-be scientists and detectives will want to slip into their lab coats, dust off their test tubes, and get on the case with Drake Doyle and Nell Fossey. Hint: to find the answers, kids will have to use such scientific principles as buoyancy and static electricity.

Science super-sleuths Drake Doyle and Nell Fossey are back—this time in a never-before-published addition to the popular series! They’ve got an exciting collection of cases, too: Are ghosts and ghouls keeping Edgar Glum awake? Have aliens invaded Mossy Swamp? What’s the crooked game everyone’s losing at the carnival? And why is the town bridge going bananas? Kids will have fun following the clues—and learning about such real scientific principles as amplification, ecosystems, magnetic fields, and more. Plus, budding Doyles and Fosseys will find actual experiments to try!

We love reading books at our house! Therefore, we were thrilled when we were recently given the opportunity to review a fun series of books! In this Doyle & Fossey Series, kids will find a mix of science, mystery and humor all in one story. My little ones just loved this engaging series because what kids doesn't enjoy reading about young scientists who can outsmart adults?!?! I love these book as well! They are not only fun to read, but they teach my children something too. These books will definitely be on the bookshelf in my classroom for all of my students to enjoy! We highly suggest that you check them out as well!

Thanks so much to Sterling Children's Books for providing us with these books to review!


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