Wednesday, December 1, 2010

EyeBuyDirect Inc. is a global prescription lab and optical retailer specializing in the volume production of affordable prescription eyeglasses. As a manufacturer, supplier and retailer of optical supplies, EyeBuyDirect is not only involved in every step of the eyewear production and distribution process, but has also developed an efficient, streamline approach to the optics supply chain. With a global manufacturing program and three worldwide sites cooperating in unison to harness state-of-the-art technology, EyeBuyDirect is committed to producing innovative, high quality frames and lenses. EyeBuyDirect regards quality, innovation, service excellence and unbeatable value as of utmost importance. As owner and operator of online retailer, the company has quickly emerged as a formidable and dependable brand in consumer optics. Fully integrated prescription labs and offices in the United States, United Kingdom and China have enabled the sourcing of in-house opticians, technicians, and professionals from around the globe. A close-knit team is focused on delivering high value services to customers and business partners alike, as the company aspires to become the world’s leading global prescription lab and online retailer.

Neither my husband nor I were blessed with good vision, so we must wear eyeglasses. Even with vision insurance we still end up paying a lot for our glasses. So, we were super excited when we were introduced to EyeBuyDirect and GJ was given the opportunity to review these cool new prescription eyeglasses.

We are totally impressed with the quality of eyeglasses we received from EyeBuyDirect! They offer tons of affordable and attractive lens so it was a tough choice for him!! These glasses retail for $200.00, but at EyeBuyDirect you only pay $39.95!! That's an awesome saving! The $39.95 even includes single vision prescription lenses!!! These glasses are such a great deal and much cheaper than the last pair he ordered with our Insurance!

These frames are very durable and fit perfectly! Something that we love about this great site is that it offers views of the frames from four different angles so that you know exactly what you are ordering! They also offer the EyeTry option where you are able to upload a picture of yourself in the frames that you select! From the beginning to end it was a quick and easy process to order GJ's new glasses! It took less than five minutes to place his order and the glasses arrived in less than a week!

As an added bonus, each pair comes with a protective case as well as a cloth for cleaning!

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We totally recommend this great site for all of your eyeglass needs!


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