Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Charmin Ultra Soft

Charmin Ultra Soft is designed with absorbent cushions that allow you to use less versus other leading brands. Charmin Ultra Soft is so soft and absorbent that you can use seven sheets of Charmin Ultra Soft versus 28 sheets of the leading value brand.

We received the kit above to review!

WOW, we were totally amazed with this great new toilet tissue! The picture above tells it all! One pile contains 7 sheets of Charmin and the other pile contains 28 sheets of another leading brand! They look just the same! We love the new Charmin Ultra Soft and will using it in our home. The softness combined with the ultra absorbency makes this toilet tissue a great deal! We highly recommend that you try it today!


Melissa said...

Can you bring me a few sheets to school? The see-thru TP at school gets very messy...


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